A Poem: Not Good At Being Alone

I’m never good at being alone

I’m soft and pink and not made of stone

I’m very blessed that love is who I am

I’ll show it in my ways – I’ll even hold your hand

I’m not really looking for any major commitment

but I do like to create my own little playland

with the one I choose to be my special man. 

I’ll be real good until I’m done

we’ll laugh and kiss, it’ll be super fun

I’ll make you feel like you’re the only one

we’ll be drunk in love like we’ve been sippin’ rum

we’ll share the sheets, we’ll pillow talk some

we’ll sweat hot and heavy and surely we’ll come

I’ll be open and honest – I’ll hold nothing back

I’ll share everything I carry around in my backpack

my admiration, my inspiration, my open embraces

the energy we create will be seen on our faces. 

you’ll be my everything, but you must beware

I’ll try my best to handle you with care. 

I’m not good at intimate relationships

but I’ll roll the dice and raise the chips. 

They say its better to have loved and lost 

than to never have loved at all

Please remember this during the inevitable fall. 

I’ll still think highly of you as I’m leaving the room

and chances are I’ll continue until I’m in my tomb. 

So lets just share our time together while we can

enjoy the moments while we both still stand. 

I’d like to think you’ll be better off having experienced this bliss

maybe that’s bold, but it all starts with one sweet kiss

an opportunity that is so hard to resist. 

I’ll bask in your affection – You’ll get an erection

we’ll travel down an uncharted path without any direction.

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