One on One Time


My husband has been away for work, so it’s left time for just baby and I to spend together. Now that he’s older and perhaps because I’ve resigned that when we are together, that is our time together and not me trying to do something else, which invariably doesn’t seem to work out so well for my projects, my online ordering, or my own personal sanity. So as long as we are both fed, have slept, and are engaged in some way, life is good, life is really exceptionally good. We have been out traveling abroad in Ireland and have only been home a week and a half, so maybe it’s the readjustment to being back at home and kind of bunkering down for a moment, but it’s nice, it’s all so nice.

Also since daylight savings + jet lag creates a new natural bedtime at 530-630p, this allows me to actually have time on my own in the evenings! This is a revelation! I am happy as a clam to spend some alone time, having dinner by myself and reading or listening to something that engages me. It’s nice, it’s all very nice.

The only component that is missing is my husband, so now, to incorporate him back into our lives so that we keep with this sweet spot, that would be lovely.