Diving Deep

I like to swim around in the currents

on my own, without any deterrents

diving deep to see whats hidden below

then rising above to challenge what I know.


There’s so much life in my soul’s canyons

with layers upon layers to recount what has happened

its a tough trek, steep and dry

all by myself but I know I must try

There’s abundance and life at the bottom that’s all mine.


At the lowest depths where life abounds

I can jump, fly, relax and swim around

absorbing the love within me that I’ve found

hearing nature’s harmony resound

taking in the beauty that’s so profound 

its all about goodness when you go this far down.

Dream: My Emotional Evolution 01/03/09

January 3, 2009

Rising with force and vigor out of the deep blue water, people trying to peek in as I shower with drops like rain on my head… another burst of ferocious energy and I’m catpulted into the air – finally out of the water – in excitement and a sense of freedom, the energy spins me around and I go higher – water droplets flying off me – Orange, Yellow, Blue