A Poem: Thank you for the Safe Place

I meant it when I said

I must’ve done something right

because I’m here with you tonight. 

I must’ve been meant to be here

exploring and being free of fear

to be myself in my true form

without any pressure to conform

you took me in like I was one of you

you loved me, hugged me and fed me too. 

You gave me a safe place

and you took me into space

with thoughts and ideas

using wit and taste. 

I could say what I felt

as radical and unconventional as I can be

but you know what I was talkin’ ’bout and let me be free

no arguing, no fighting – even no compromising. 

I haven’t felt like this in so long its inspiring. 

The laughter was healing

and I’m left with this feeling

that I’m really not alone

and I’m getting back into the zone. 

it’s great to be around people like you

you’re one in a million

of the brave souls that are true. 

Thank you for everything

I mean that in the truest sense

I know I can count on you

my new like-minded friends.

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