Consumption and Bliss?

Joseph Campbell says that we should “Follow Your Bliss”. He is right. Finding what makes us happy and going for it sounds like a pretty simple idea, right? If it is so simple, why are so many of us just trying to be like one another? Why are so many of us unhappy, overweight, stressed out, overworked and in debt? Why is it so hard to do what makes us happy?

We are so consumed with the idea that we need to be the best at everything we do. We consume everything in major quantities. Spending money, mostly that we don’t even have, unnecessarily in order to make us happy, which never really happens and further fuels the cycle of wanton consumption. We are so obsessed with keeping up with the Jones’s that we lose focus and sight of our own personal wants and needs. We are a media ruled society and believe most of what we see… but that isn’t the reality, not for everyone.

We want to earn the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time. We want everything right now and do not know what it means to work, to really work for something any more. We are so lost that, of course, we cannot say that we generally follow our bliss. When we never take the time to look inside of ourselves, to find out what really makes us tick, how can we ever truly know what does make us tick?

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