Gratitude and Meditation

It’s incredible feeling grace, gratitude.

I have worked with gratitude for a number of years intentionally now. Currently I am doing a 21 day Meditation that is being conducted globally online, it’s amazing to use the power of the internet in such profound and expansive ways.  Since I am in Australia, I get the meditation at night before I go to bed versus first thing in the morning, which I think is brilliant. So I listen and meditate, then fall into a nice slumber and allow my subconscious to really play around and absorb what I’ve just experienced. It’s wonderful.

The idea of gratitude being a loop is really interesting to me. I do very much believe that what you are, you give, and you will receive. I just hadn’t thought about it returning from the thing that I am feeling the gratitude for. More that I give out gratitude by feeling it in my heart, in my body, feeling all that energy of love and warmth and goodness, and putting it out to the world, or to the plant I’m gazing at, or to the loved one that I am thinking of. I hadn’t intentionally thought of it then returning from that specific person, place, thing or idea, back to me.

How powerful gratitude is.