Red Rubies

Drawn in by red-

a sudden need to have it in my life again

red hair

red bag

red ruby jewelry

power and connection to my source

utilizing the energy to revitalize and reenergize my soul

like a bull in the coliseum it fills me with fire

I feel the noble wisdom emanating from my heart

like a guardian angel helping me to change

holding my hand protecting me as I transform and shift frames

it lifts me up – encourages me

and reminds me to “Follow My Bliss”

the red, the rubies hekp me to see in the dark

showing a clearer path absent of resistance

i was an am a love being and I remmeber this truth.

I choose my life with eyes of love

and strength from the Divine to chart and venture onto my path

I am precious, rare and beautiful.

I love life and it loves me tremendously.

Spiritual wisdom, Knowledge, Health, Wealth, Bliss, Transition, Change, Choices

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