The Spiritual Mom

At 13 weeks,

I became completely and utterly filled with joy

with excitement,

that I –

I Will Be A Mom.

Words cannot explain how truly excited I am about this stage of life.

For all the searching for what was spiritual,

for all the experiences I’ve had that have been totally connected,

where i have been enveloped in the beautiful flow of life,

for all of the love and unity that I’ve known before now…

It’s been so real, it’s been so surreal.

It’s been my personal journey.

Now, with my baby growing inside of me, conceived out of true love,

I feel a sense of connection and oneness and spirituality in a deeper, more expansive way than ever before.

Without a doubt this baby, this stage of life of being a mother, and being a wife, will forever change who I am, and I openly embrace it. I know that I will experience growth in ways that I cannot even imagine at this moment and I feel so ready.

I’ve never felt so ready for anything in my life.

It’s because of all the work I’ve done on myself. It’s because I finally fell in love with who I really am. It’s because I found my own strength. All of these revelations led me to meet my soul mate, my amazing and supportive husband. I could not, I would not, do this on my own. Two whole people coming together feels so secure, feels so delicious. I would only do this with him and together our love can create anything, I’ve known this and I’ve seen this, but now I actually get to grow this inside of me.

I love that this is so very the right time. I love that I am ready. I love that life changes and I’ve found such an amazing love. I love that now we get to experience it at it’s next level. So very blessed.