I’ve lived abroad a total of 5 and a half years of my life. I’ve lived away from where I grew up and away from my family for more than half of my life. You would think that I would have embraced technology with open arms and would have been having major Skype, FaceTime and Google+ Hangouts this whole time. Rather not. I’ve gone way old school instead.

I’ve written letters, I’ve sent cards and I’ve put my emotion onto the paper or cardstock. I’ve created this very romantic penpal kind of thing with my mother in a very unromantic way but one which a mother and daughter share. It’s been great. We actually have rebuilt our relationship this way and it’s been really positive to communicate at a distance.

It’s not that I was running from people or things, but more that I needed to step away from all that I knew in order to become all that I am. I needed to cut it off for a while to meet people where I’ve been, to learn about myself and to really dive into the experiences around me. I don’t regret for a moment how I’ve handled myself.

However, in the last few weeks, I have had more FaceTime or Skype chats and dates than I have in the last few years combined and it feels good. I’m no longer just holding the person in my memory when I think of them, or just reading their Facebook updates, I am actually having a real time conversation and can actually see their face, it’s a whole different experience. Sure it still isn’t the same as literally being face to face and shoulder to shoulder, but it is a great second best.

Technology is amazing and I am so grateful that there are ways in which to communicate and keep in touch and share who we are now and whats going on now. It’s like having a coffee date with someone. It may not happen every week, or even every month, but when it does, it’s great and you both leave it feeling energized and lovely.