Heart Shaped Mold


pouring rain

thunder then lightning

an electric shock

shattering the pitcher

into thousands of glass slivers

causing me to bleed

as i finger swept

into shapes upon the floor

they punctured through

piercing my heart

cutting to my soul.

the wind kicked up

debris and dust

swirled and twisted

into an oklahoma dirt devil

casting teardrops into mud

the storm kept raging

a calm set in

enveloped in teh eye

the center

where the sun shines down

and light is found

the caked mud dried

was carried away

with a gentle breeze

little birds sang in harmony

while gathering the picture pieces

in a pile under the sun

in the encompassing warmth

they glistened and liquified

overflowing from my hands

into a heart shaped mold

the glass heart strung around my neck

worn on the outside

it hung

until one day

my new transparent heart

and i became one

from that day forward

it catches the light rays

shining bright like a star

shooting from deep inside

from shattered glass

to inner beauty

reshaped from the past

Fern Spring


at the spring

the source

the fountain of youth….

but its dark

hard to see

whats around?

lanterns are needed…

ambassadors of light please hold space

he asks “is it safe”

I smilingly reply…

“oh yes, of course it is!”

“don’t be afraid…”

enjoy where you are,

you’ve made it this far!”


I am the Moon, dear

I am just like the moon, dear.

I am just like the stars, dear.

I am just like El Capitan reflecting in the moonlight.

I am just like the valley, dear,

opening up and embracing the changes of atmosphere.

I am just like the moon dear.

When I’m full the stars seem dim dear.

They really stay quite static dear.

Yet I move around the world dear.

I reflect with the sun light –

the glorious male energy.

I wax and wax until I’m full,

I slowly rise dear.

I illuminate in the night dear.

Then I wane and wane until I’m gone

only to start again dear.

I’m even seen in the daytime dear.

My time to reign is in the winter dear.

It’s my season more than the other dear.

Where I get to help shine,

to shed light during the sun’s absence,

in those colder months, which, are inevitable,

where warmth is needed dear.

That’s when you’ll see me most dear.

Look to me for solace, dear.

Revel in the feminine, emotional feelings dear.

Snuggle up and keep warm with a love dear.

‘Tis the season when I reign for this to happen dear.

I am like the moon dear.

The “off season” where we recoup dear.

When it’s time to learn other things dear.

To develop feelings and thoughts dear.

To express and create output dear.

I am like the moon dear.

In the winter months I’ll be your saviour dear.

Always dear.

Always near.

Always here.

Light bearer

i’ll hold up the lantern

on the path we’re on

its what you do

when you can see

to help guide others

to be who they can be

hold still with patience

and love

as every passerbyer

is really just me

in various stages

and cutout forms

all the same

even the thorns

The Moment

changing my view

altering perception

taking the moment

letting go of what will be

and embracing its

original conception

living life or dreaming everyday

are all the same

some might say

now is all we have

the past was just a second ago

the future is already right here

so everything is truly

all within reach

keep whats dearest

whats true closest to you

to me… if that is time

then here it is

here i am

in this moment

every moment

living, dreaming, being

smiling at what goes on

observing my actions

looking into the reflections

all with love

an incredible amount of love

for if now is all there is

if it is all just right here

then i choose to be in love

inside and out, all around

its a grand way to be

if this is all we have

The Trance

You see

its all new to me

as novice as i can be

naive to an extreme

i don’t know what it means

i don’t know anything

i can tell how i feel

i’m even compelled to sing

thinking of you

the energy transfers

pulsates and envelops my being

words just come out

motion just happens

the flow is so incredible

but extremely foreign

it makes me nervous

when i’m out of the trance

when i come back to earth

after being higher than…

well, there’s nothing to really compare



i’m ready to try again

i’m ready to fly again

A Woman of Extremes

from the lush smoky mountains

to mother earths red rocks

in a moment it all changes

so quickly i can’t stop.

one extreme to the other

that’s what i do best

i figure that’s the only way to know

to administer a constant self test.

see where i stand

i call it determination

a dreamer and a doer

so they say of my particular day

the last of the zodiac

what more can i say?

a combination of water and fire

of high hopes and desire

of rain and of lightening

never a dull day

the highs and the lows

the lefts and the rights

the gas and the brakes

its all within me.

so i search

i explore

i find

i live

i love

i am.

i am a woman of extremes it seems.

The light, Oh the light

The light, oh the light

dancing through the canopy

from daybreak through twilight

amazing it is

everywhere you look

something new to see

a new perspective on the same thing.

nature’s ever changing beauty

is apparent in each moment

an evolving landscape

with time to enjoy it.

brightly colored petals

veins in the leaves

highlighted climbers

and moss on the trees

taking your attention

where she pleases-

a delight for all the right reasons

growing, living, dying

in each season.

Fast and Tao 22

In the past few months I have been reading a passage from Tao te Ching every night. I have read them all and now randomly flip to a page. This one came last night and I thought it was fitting. Although I am trying to refrain from certain input that comes from technology during my fast, but I thought I would share this as an output…

Tao 22

If you want to become whole,

let yourself be partial.

If you want to become straight,

let yourself be crooked.

If you want to become full,

let yourself be empty.

If you want to be reborn,

let yourself die.

If you want to be given everything,

give everything up.


The Master, by residing in the Tao,

sets an example for all beings.

Because he doesn’t display himself,

people can see his light. 

Because he has nothing to prove,

people can trust his words.

Because he doesn’t know who he is,

people recognize themselves in him.

Because he hsa no goal in mind,

everything he does succeeds.


When the ancient Masters said,

“If you want to be given everything,

give everything up,”

they weren’t using empty phrases.

Only in being lived by the Tao

can you be truly yourself.