“… your perspective depends on where you stand…” right now I am standing in a place I have never been on a journey that I have embarked on without fully realizing where it would take me… I am everywhere and nowhere at the same time and it entices conversations in my mind that I must get out. From this idea HonestThoughts.com was born.

I have been blessed in this life and have lived in some amazing places. I grew up in the “food basket” of California and had the luxury of the freshest fruit and vegetables growing up. I have spent years living in National Parks amongst the granite walls, waterfalls and giant trees of Yosemite, to the red coloured desert and Pinon Pines of the Grand Canyon. The first time I lived abroad I learned portuguese and lived in financial heart of South America in fast paced Sao Paulo, Brazil. On weekends I’d travel and enjoy time on the idyllic island of Ilhabela which translates to Beautiful Island and it was with it’s clear water and fresh coconuts. I’ve done some slow traveling in the southern part of the US and have had the pleasure of experiencing a season in the lush Smoky Mountains area of North Carolina with the rhododendrons and sweet tea. Even lived at Black Rock City for a week! Now, I reside in sunny and easy going Australia where people are just nice because life is good here and that’s just how it goes. Living such a blessed life within such incredible environments has absolutely shaped who I am and I am very thankful for what I have experienced and what I continue to experience. I love life. 🙂

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