Tao Te Ching 23

Express yourself completely,

then keep quiet.

Be like the forces of nature:

when it blows, there is only wind;

when it rains, there is only rain;

when the clouds pass, the sun shines through.

If you open yourself to the Tao,

you are at one with the Tao

and you can embody it completely.

If you open yourself to insight,

you are at one with insight

and you can use it completely.

If you open yourself to loss,

you are at one with loss

and you can accept it completely.

Open yourself to the Tao,

then trust your natural responses;

and everything will fall into place.

Fast and Tao 22

In the past few months I have been reading a passage from Tao te Ching every night. I have read them all and now randomly flip to a page. This one came last night and I thought it was fitting. Although I am trying to refrain from certain input that comes from technology during my fast, but I thought I would share this as an output…

Tao 22

If you want to become whole,

let yourself be partial.

If you want to become straight,

let yourself be crooked.

If you want to become full,

let yourself be empty.

If you want to be reborn,

let yourself die.

If you want to be given everything,

give everything up.


The Master, by residing in the Tao,

sets an example for all beings.

Because he doesn’t display himself,

people can see his light. 

Because he has nothing to prove,

people can trust his words.

Because he doesn’t know who he is,

people recognize themselves in him.

Because he hsa no goal in mind,

everything he does succeeds.


When the ancient Masters said,

“If you want to be given everything,

give everything up,”

they weren’t using empty phrases.

Only in being lived by the Tao

can you be truly yourself.

The Heart Breaker

I don’t want to be a heart breaker  

I want to find balance between giver and taker

I want to fly high, I want to fill your cup

I want to love you dearly

But surely I know I will want to break up

I don’t want to break your heart in the process

Don’t take it personally, it just me… I still want to progress

I’ll experience what you have to offer

I’ll see how I am affected by it

And as easily as I’ll fall in love

I’ll fall right back out…

Don’t take it personally that I chose a different route

I wish I knew how to be another way

And still be happy and joyful every day

This is why I need time to be alone

Spending days all on my own

Falling in love with myself and who I am

Learning about me and learning how to stand

I will reach down low and stretch way high

I’ll try to keep my feet on the floor

While I let my mind and soul fly

It has to start with me first

I will try to break my heartbreak curse

As one love once said as he sat still

“If you let me love you, I will”

Now its time for me to instill

This thought of love and acceptance

Of hope and repentance

For me first and then for you

Then in my life I can be one of two

I owe it to myself to do this now

I’ve not done it before, I’m not really sure how

So, I will do what I think is best

Cutting myself off from the rest

Until I figure out a bit more

Until I reach to the depths of my core

Where I find my own true love for my soul

Then I’ll come back out to play

With a refreshed outlook on the day

Where I can confidently believe and say

“I love my self whole-heartedly for who I am”

until this happens I will not accept another person’s heart in my hand,

first I must know about myself in order to know love and understand.

Energy versus Words

I react to energy, but am swayed by words.

While living in a foreign land I learned that I can only trust what I feel, not just go by the words that come out of the mouth. I had to learn to read energy to know whether they had good intentions or not… I didn’t learn this straightaway, but finally I learned to trust what I felt, to stand tall with my decision and to do what I had to do…  

I see the expression, I see it in it’s true form.

Like anything, when I see it, its with me

I cannot act like I’ve not seen it even if I try…


I try to steer clear of false identities

wolves in sheep’s clothing

and the sheep with fangs

I suggest that it all be taken off

until then – I request that you stay away

I don’t know an easier way to convey

that I only want truth and honesty.


I only want those around me who want the same

even in places where I see smiling faces

where words do not erase the incongruent

actions of thier body

so please step back away from me old friend

people change i understand

but for christ’s sake don’t try to force

something that isn’t there… whats the point?


I want to be true to me

and I want those around me to be true to them too

hopefully we can come together later

on a healthy platform to share what we’ve learned

to exchange ideas and thoughts we’ve earned…

TRT – Blue Turtle Seduction lyrics

Talking about the ways of an ever-dancing child,
Inspiration pouring down the timeless river nile.
It starts at the source, a course that comes from within,
Waterfalling from the heart to the valley of the pen.
It pours to the people, the ones that want to hear,
Come down to the river for the time is coming near.
To open up the door to what your waiting for,
Oh what the hell, image doesn’t matter anymore.
It’s a musical explosion passing on it’s seeds,
To all nationalities, colors, and creeds.

Now it comes easy, just a matter of releasing,
Taking a jump from the ship of dignity, into a sea of eternity.

It’s a dance that we do, to the movement of the stars,
Traveling miles without the use of cars.
Fourth-dimensionality, moving as a wave,
Passing through the people, all the people say Hey!
Yes, can we dance to the flames of a fire,
Oh can our voices rise higher and higher?
Out of time, out of mind, only in the now,
Don’t bother asking why, cause we’re going to show you how.
What I’m talking about is not some luxury vacation,
Just a lesson in the one and only, positive vibration!

Uniquely we journey through a higher space,
Subsequently sending peace to our race.
Millenium magic shining in the night,
Right before your eyes and then flashing out of sight.
What’s that you say, Can you explain it a little more?
About this game that we are playing where no one’s keeping score.
Well life is the game and the journey is the board,
Breath is our peace and the lion is our roar!
The sea just bubbles as the stars begin to fall,
While islands of laughter just echo down the hall.
It’s the absence of judgment, but not the lack of choice.
Talkin about another way to utilize your voice.
The power of the people, the one’s that speak as one,
The movement of the masses going to outpower any gun.
Love is our sword and we strike it all around,
To anybody open to this hip vibration sound.
We move as a tribe, as we dance in the field,
Singing, Hallelujah to that ever sacred seal.
That binds us together to make a solid chain, 
you and me, him and her, we’re all just the same.

Only a Friend

I only need a friend right now

I’d love for you to be that for me

but I’m not sure either of us knows how

my intention is not to cause harm or distress

I’m still trying to figure out where I am my best

I hope you know me well enough

to not take this personal…

that I love you, I’m sure I always will

I just have a lot of stuff to work through from Brazil…

Einstein’s Light

Everything is about the light

striving every day to live right.

I take Einstein’s light to mean so much more

like living life without keeping score. 

Listening to the interpretation of time and space

while watching the expressions formed on your face.

Slowing it down and talking about time

creates an awareness in my mind. 

I love that you make me think

about relations and the importance of being in sync. 

Dipping in space as our world revolves around us

this helps me to understand karma and the little stuff. 

If you live by this idea you’re bound to know whats good

while funneling your energy to be understood. 

So my world really does revolve around me,

this realization finally allows me to breathe. 

I have control of the good, bad and neutral that comes my way,

the responsibility is mine and I know it will be okay. 

This idea makes incredible sense

now I can hurdle my mental fence.

So if we keep giving all of our love

we’re sure to rise up to the plane above 

creating a unique world within space and time

never being restricted, limited or confined. 

Searching for our own truths while we’re here together

In our own little dip now and possibly forever.

Forgetting about “things” and focusing within

while living simply we’re bound to win. 

Together you and me

will finally know what its like to finally be free.