On the Road Again

In a few short hours

I’ll be on the road again

waving a fond farewell to the desert

while heading back to the state

where it all began.

this time in a different way

I’ve learned about life and love

following my intuition

and making the most of every day.

there is so much out there

in this expansive world of ours

a variety of different lives to live

an abundance of options

a plethora of fragrant flowers

so many things to waste away the hours.

Tomorrow I’m heading on the road again

who knows what the future holds

but I am sure as time progresses

and I keep trekking down my path

that life will continue to open up

love will be found all around

and once again I will overfill my cup.

Different Realities

The environmental changes

the surrounding and the atmosphere

the consumption, the bliss

here or there its all relative

as relative as how my hair smells

how my body reacts

and the scents i create

the feeling of bliss

and how different it is

from place to place

never remaining quite the same

there are common themes

i might add

like being in nature

and enjoying it fruits

its beauty and air

watching it in action


being there

taking it all in

one breath at a time

but even that changes too

so dry is the climate

so dry is the air

this is also the place where

a hummingbird’s wings one can hear

I guess its all relative

the atmosphere and environment dictate it all

The Spiral Continues

the spiral continues

the pendulum swings

i’m back here in the desert

where i learned to use my wings

happy to be back

in this space once again

the feeling is what spurred

my traveling trend

traveling of heart

traveling of mind

trying my best to understand time.

i’m back here now

feeling it all again

even my hair looks the same

as it did back when

i’m different now

yet it still takes all that it can

it doesn’t leave what it doesn’t want

it just takes and takes and takes

its relentless

survival mode comes into play

the important things are the focus

in the dry long days

like health, true health.

like prosperity that is surely relative

but here anything more than what is here

seems to fit that bill

as simple as water, oh yes, water.

water, life, prosperity

sucking, taking i can feel it

this time around its more intense than before

a feeling that makes me want to run

run right out the door

back to the mountains

where life abounds

back to where life is

where easy people can be found.

the spiral, three times thus far

lucky i am to experience this too

lucky i am to know i can make it through…

Release, Decompress

Lots of input

an overload

needing an overhaul

time to decompress

what better place

than where the ol’ coyote howls

the cactus bloom

and the bats fly at night.

the desert

where everything is taken

so appropriate

such a place to release

to review and gain insight

upon myself

upon my journey

upon this life

baring my soul

once again

there is no place to hide.

A Time for Reflection

its amazing how in the desert

with such a lack

the reflection seems to be so clear

so in your face

no looking around it

not a chance

no distractions here

you are here with you

i am here with me

thats all there is

time for reflection


without distraction

time for reflection

in a drought ridden land

something from the outside

one would never guess

unless one is within…

Return to the Desert

back in the desert

only for a moment

long enough to understand

theres more for my life

than just this

cracked and drying

taking all i have

without even trying

im a water baby

i can survive for a while

but it shouldn’t be just about survival

wheres the fun in that?

where the life in abundance?

wheres the joy to be had?

back in the desert

a voluntary move

one to cleanse and ground

the restless bird in my soul

just for a moment

yes indeed

just for a moment

surely all the time i will need