Clarity of Neptune

heart eyes

of rainbow scenes

her view is only seen

with the Illusion and Clarity of Neptune

the Drive of Saturn

and the Sensitivity of Venus

bigger than life

she draws them in

she loves them

she gives her all


time after time it dissolves

or cracks

or dissipates

or she escapes, escapes, escapes.

Unplanned Love

i see in your eyes how much you love me
i feel how your arms wrap around and embrace me so…
effortlessly, so openly, so naturally
i feel the comfort around you unlike any other
and of all the high vibrational beautiful people
i’ve been around
you are still the one –
the most beautiful and the highest
i’ve yet to encounter
i wish you had more time for me
i know your door is always open
i wish you had more space for me
i know you’ll always make room
i love you, i know this is true
i do
“its the little things” he says
i’ve missed you, me too

A Beautiful Reflection

looking over at his smiling eyes

a reflection of me

as the sun says goodbye

perched in the meadow

listening to the aspen

a beautiful place

amidst the tall grasses

a lucid dream

so time spent with him seems

with him

or with me

its all the same

but i do like the energy

that circulates back to me again and again

a pure love

as pure as one might find

of two people coming together

without attachment

one and one is one when we unite…

The Trance

You see

its all new to me

as novice as i can be

naive to an extreme

i don’t know what it means

i don’t know anything

i can tell how i feel

i’m even compelled to sing

thinking of you

the energy transfers

pulsates and envelops my being

words just come out

motion just happens

the flow is so incredible

but extremely foreign

it makes me nervous

when i’m out of the trance

when i come back to earth

after being higher than…

well, there’s nothing to really compare



i’m ready to try again

i’m ready to fly again

The Mosquito

I want to kill that mosquito

the one that keeps biting me

and draining my chi

it comes to me in the night

when I have given up the fight

it takes up my energy and doesn’t allow me to write

Please find another body to bother

I want to gain my own closure

but its hard when it is also a haggler

in my mind… possibly so

and even though I’ve left I haven’t fully let go

so it flies around me when my head hits the pillow

I am now a hemisphere away

but it finds me anyway…  

I guess I must really be drenched by the rain

for it to leave me and cause me no more pain.

So Let the Rain Fall!

Leave Me Be Mosquito!

The Cycle

when we open up and share

when we open up and care

when we start the affair

when we’re naked and bare

in the lovely night’s air

when we decide we are a pair

we’ll embrace and hug like a bear

we’ll be so aware

of each other and our welfare

until one day the dream turns into a nightmare

out of nowhere

and you declare its all in the name of warfare

as you step on my toe and pull my arm hair

as I try to sleep in my comfy nightwear

you exchange a glower for a loving stare

I know it is you speaking from dispair

but I have to leave before before it gets there

you know where I mean and I must prepare

so I run as fast as I can up the stairs

I get on my knees and I say a little prayer

and soon it is over and you say its unfair

that I can just walk away in my old footwear

letting down my bunned long blond hair

trying my best to let go and repair

my dearest true soul and take it elsewhere

beyond where it has been, creating a new lair

where I can be whole again, starting in a new square

eventually I will love again and forget the dispair

I’ll sit in another single armchair

until it is time to share another set of cookware

when others look and say what a great couple they’re

and it all starts again when I am brave and take up the dare

I’ve learned my best not to compare

so I’ll let it be love, precious and rare.

I Love You, Man…

Way back in the day, back seven or so years now… a lover told me… “I love you, man…” I broke his heart, I didn’t mean to, it was never my intention. He loved me but I wasn’t there. It scared me away needless to say and since he said it in a scene where others were at the time… they then started to tease me about it. Then it just became the saying… “I love you, man…” that we would use endearingly and frequently I might add… 

So now I find myself back in Yosemite where it all began. I opened up a webpage to listen to some music and there I see an ad. The ad is for a movie entitled none-other-than… “I LOVE YOU, MAN” and to top it off… it comes out on my birthday March 20th… 

A funny coincidence? Maybe… It certainly did make me smile… love… what a funny thing… it is amazing how it all comes back around… in some fashion in some way in a time when we are least expecting it… I am going to take this as a friendly reminder of a moment a while back…

My Own Way

I always take the guilt,

I always take the blame,

and yet its me to blow out the flame.


I try my best up to a point

while I watch you light a joint

by this time I am already done

I’m tired of battling and you’ve just begun

then comes the time to plea and bargain

but I’m not up for sale, this isn’t an auction.


I give more chances than I ever should

I look past it all and try to see the good

I know you’re smart and that you’ve understood

then starts the “I could’ve, would’ve, should’ve,”

when all I want is to be free of any falsehoods.


I never understand when you act so hurt

after hearing and seeing all of the signs of alert

I prefer the mountains but can handle the desert

but I’m a water baby and won’t convert.


So let me be free

let me swim as I please

let me buzz around with the honey bees

reaping life’s bounties

smelling the field of daisies

where I wont be made fun of for driving like its sunday

as it is my mode of life to get lost and enjoy the day

so if you can be a bit carefree, please stay

and if not don’t be hurt when I go my own way.

Only a Friend

I only need a friend right now

I’d love for you to be that for me

but I’m not sure either of us knows how

my intention is not to cause harm or distress

I’m still trying to figure out where I am my best

I hope you know me well enough

to not take this personal…

that I love you, I’m sure I always will

I just have a lot of stuff to work through from Brazil…

A Poem: My Father

I just spoke with my dad. 

He has such an intelligent mind

he knows of the love one can find

he is able to see things before rather than behind. 

He chooses to do his own thing

never being forced into a ring. 

He has a heart of gold

that will never be bought nor sold. 

He has a strong moral base

he takes life case by case. 

His charm will woo anyone

yet is big enough to roll up his sleeves to things done. 

He shines as bright as the noonday’s sun

and will never shy away from fun. 

He says he’s proud and has faith in me

to take the opportunities that I can see. 

He knows I’ll choose my own path

creating my own special habitat. 

He is able to see beyond those around

yet he stays in our hometown

out in the country is where he can always be found. 

He told me I’m not lucky, that it’s been determination

that has fueled my ambition. 

He said I’ve created everything good

by being the very best that I could. 

He says I’m the one who has created my success

by believing in my growth and doing my best. 

God I love my father. 

He is unlike any other. 

A great man indeed

and always there when I need.

I am grateful to be his daughter

and that he’s my friend and my father.