An Era of Illusion

Silly to have lived in an era of illusion

perhaps it still exists

though my lenses have shifted

i am just me as perfect as i can be

like no one else I’ve ever really known – all me

allowing myself the freedom of expression, of expansion

letting go of someone else’s – society’s version of perfection

accepting and cherishing my uncommon thoughts

my varying actions

i am me, this is me

holding true to my inner self

it is higher than i can comprehend

the world continues to transform

a unique and individual place indeed

understanding depths of my soul

that I’ve only brushed by before

trusting that i am my best me

knowing that changes each moment

embracing the ever morphing reality

laughing in it, loving in it, growing in it….

Too Much?

Am I sharing too much of me?

Is that even a possibility?

I just want to be free

when life is filled with such uncertainty

I say it as I feel it

I’m always connected but I just never fit

I know I’m not the only one not engendered from a kit

like one of Nana’s uneven perfect stitches

that all come together with that common thread

turning patches into one big bedspread…


I put it out there

no other release can compare

I’m not always fair

but I always care.


Don’t bare too much soul

a kind of messenger said to me in a dream

you can’t take it back its not what it seems

then all of the sudden a night sky

turns into a ceiling full of beams.

but it is just me – I must remind –

the same yet different girl still confused by time

who enjoys writing thoughts in a rhyme

which makes her happy and feel quite fine…

A Poem: Soul Sisters

You have to know both heaven and hell

to know what to wish when throwing your penny in the well. 

It’s important to be acquainted with both sides

it will definitely help you to make the most of the ride

avoiding the empty holes and knowing when to glide. 

I do know now there are just a few in which I can confide

As of late I’ve called them soul sisters, you bet they’re bonafide. 

We, together, know whne its safe to no longer hide

You see, when you are of this special clan 

you’ll never have to worry – You’ll always have a helping hand

they are the handful that really understand

Amongst us we share our dreams and love freely

we give all we have completely. 

We love to dance and just let go

and to witness such is quite a show. 

Of women being free to be who they choose

because there’s so much more to win that to lose. 

Let’s enjoy and laugh and share great moments

Remember when in Rome, do as the Romans. 

We create our own world, full of beauty and honesty

a place that is safe for each of us to be

together we will be ourselves, natural and free!

A Poem: Truth Down There

I’ve got some questions

I must ask

i hope you will

remove your mask,

dig way down

to the barrel of your soul

dig way down

that’s where I need to go.

The truth is down there

hidden within

the pile of junk

we’ve accumulated along

the years every day

as soon as we start

to dust things off

to clean things up

we’ll fill our cup

the love will flow

like I know it can

out of our hearts

and into our hand.

I use our instead of I

its all about us and

 a big ‘ol we

we’re never alone

I hope you can see

together we can do

find, play and explore.

We just have to dare

and start to bare

 our souls and hearts

with honesty and care.