Raising Endorphins

Raising Endorphins

like a fundraiser

to help the common good

to help all around

to help me too

by helping me I do help others

this is true.

raising endorphins

getting high on life


sharing that positivity

letting it vibrate out of me

uplifting all around

the goal is to uplift humanity

this is my goal

this is the goal of what I do and why I do it

to help others see what they already have

to help inspire change

raising endorphins

energizing myself

having a surplus of energy to share with others

this is all it is

doing my best

sharing my merits

sharing my resources

continuing to raise and share

raise and share

raise and share


I inspire others

others inspire me

trust my instincts

go with that flow

realize it all changes

there’s nothing to hold on to

its all just energy

momentarily held in form

its hard to not be fooled by my eyes

to not trust what I see

but its all just a projection

imagined by me –

the power of the human mind

is beyond comprehension

the endless possibilities

the unlimited potential

the awaiting opportunities



Living and Giving -or- The Law of Life

I found this cutout poem from 1987 in my grandmother’s bible: 


Whatever you give away today – or think or say or do

Will multiply about tenfold – and then return to you

It may not come immediately – nor from the obvious source

But the LAW applies unfailingly 0 through some invisible force. 

Whatever you feel about another – be it love or hate or passion

Will surely bounce right back to you – in some clear or secret fashion. 

If you speak about some person – a word of praise or two

Soon tens of other people – will speak kind words of you. 

Our thoughts are broadcasts of the soul – not secrets of the brain

Kind ones bring us happiness – petty ones unfold pain. 

Giving words as surely – as reflections in a mirror

If hate you send, hate you’ll get back – but loving brings love nearer. 

Remember as you start his day – and duty crowds your mind

That kindness comes so quickly back – to those who first are kind! 

Let that thought and this one – direct you through each day – – – 

The only things we ever keep – are things we give away. 

-Jerry Buchanan

TRT – Blue Turtle Seduction lyrics

Talking about the ways of an ever-dancing child,
Inspiration pouring down the timeless river nile.
It starts at the source, a course that comes from within,
Waterfalling from the heart to the valley of the pen.
It pours to the people, the ones that want to hear,
Come down to the river for the time is coming near.
To open up the door to what your waiting for,
Oh what the hell, image doesn’t matter anymore.
It’s a musical explosion passing on it’s seeds,
To all nationalities, colors, and creeds.

Now it comes easy, just a matter of releasing,
Taking a jump from the ship of dignity, into a sea of eternity.

It’s a dance that we do, to the movement of the stars,
Traveling miles without the use of cars.
Fourth-dimensionality, moving as a wave,
Passing through the people, all the people say Hey!
Yes, can we dance to the flames of a fire,
Oh can our voices rise higher and higher?
Out of time, out of mind, only in the now,
Don’t bother asking why, cause we’re going to show you how.
What I’m talking about is not some luxury vacation,
Just a lesson in the one and only, positive vibration!

Uniquely we journey through a higher space,
Subsequently sending peace to our race.
Millenium magic shining in the night,
Right before your eyes and then flashing out of sight.
What’s that you say, Can you explain it a little more?
About this game that we are playing where no one’s keeping score.
Well life is the game and the journey is the board,
Breath is our peace and the lion is our roar!
The sea just bubbles as the stars begin to fall,
While islands of laughter just echo down the hall.
It’s the absence of judgment, but not the lack of choice.
Talkin about another way to utilize your voice.
The power of the people, the one’s that speak as one,
The movement of the masses going to outpower any gun.
Love is our sword and we strike it all around,
To anybody open to this hip vibration sound.
We move as a tribe, as we dance in the field,
Singing, Hallelujah to that ever sacred seal.
That binds us together to make a solid chain, 
you and me, him and her, we’re all just the same.

A Poem: Butterfly Art

My visions blurred with butterfly wings

the stars are all around me

I’m back to back with the moon

with the sun shining so I can see.


I dance between the yellow and the blue

I hide nothing and strive to be true.

I’m not always in the sun

but I’m also not trying to run.


There is a balance in the light

that expands and stretches into the night

where the butterfly finally takes flight

where everything is intense and right.


Inspired by Drea’s Art on 11.27.08

A Poem: My Father

I just spoke with my dad. 

He has such an intelligent mind

he knows of the love one can find

he is able to see things before rather than behind. 

He chooses to do his own thing

never being forced into a ring. 

He has a heart of gold

that will never be bought nor sold. 

He has a strong moral base

he takes life case by case. 

His charm will woo anyone

yet is big enough to roll up his sleeves to things done. 

He shines as bright as the noonday’s sun

and will never shy away from fun. 

He says he’s proud and has faith in me

to take the opportunities that I can see. 

He knows I’ll choose my own path

creating my own special habitat. 

He is able to see beyond those around

yet he stays in our hometown

out in the country is where he can always be found. 

He told me I’m not lucky, that it’s been determination

that has fueled my ambition. 

He said I’ve created everything good

by being the very best that I could. 

He says I’m the one who has created my success

by believing in my growth and doing my best. 

God I love my father. 

He is unlike any other. 

A great man indeed

and always there when I need.

I am grateful to be his daughter

and that he’s my friend and my father.