Building my energy

Dancing – the music

I’m engaged

my body pulsates

with every beat

I don’t turn it off

I indulge

I enjoy

building my energy


and building

and building

and building

and building…

Energy versus Words

I react to energy, but am swayed by words.

While living in a foreign land I learned that I can only trust what I feel, not just go by the words that come out of the mouth. I had to learn to read energy to know whether they had good intentions or not… I didn’t learn this straightaway, but finally I learned to trust what I felt, to stand tall with my decision and to do what I had to do…  

I see the expression, I see it in it’s true form.

Like anything, when I see it, its with me

I cannot act like I’ve not seen it even if I try…


I try to steer clear of false identities

wolves in sheep’s clothing

and the sheep with fangs

I suggest that it all be taken off

until then – I request that you stay away

I don’t know an easier way to convey

that I only want truth and honesty.


I only want those around me who want the same

even in places where I see smiling faces

where words do not erase the incongruent

actions of thier body

so please step back away from me old friend

people change i understand

but for christ’s sake don’t try to force

something that isn’t there… whats the point?


I want to be true to me

and I want those around me to be true to them too

hopefully we can come together later

on a healthy platform to share what we’ve learned

to exchange ideas and thoughts we’ve earned…

Bubble Time-Lapse

You drew me in

as I pulled you too

like a magnet to the metal

like a fish to the choral

I wanted to share my bubble time-lapse

I sat upon your lap

I closed all noticeable gaps

wrapped my body around yours

embracing every physical contour

we closed our eyes

let our energy build like a city high rise

the sunrise began slow and it opened our skies


yet someone from outside

interrupted with redeyes and whys

I asked politely that they be quiet and just stand by

they didn’t understand but reluctantly complied

after I explained that the moment needed to happen first

where its natural and unrehearsed 

so we can totally be submersed

letting the love and energy quench our thirst


we won’t need any drugs

we’ll be high from our hugs

we’ll dance all night in the grass or on the rug

while chasing around the flashing lightening bugs


Lately in life I have been feeling extremely blessed. I have had such a great life. I have been on a big life adventure in some of the most mystical and special places. Along the way I have come in contact with the most incredible, honest, good-hearted people that have helped to shape my world today. I am so fortunate that my journey has lead me to who I am at 28 years aged. Although I have danced in the rain, literally and figuratively countless times, It hasn’t always been so carefree. It hasn’t always been while standing on a mountain top, in fact I have seen a few deserts, I have trusted people who didn’t understand what that meant. I didn’t know really what that meant either, I hope I do now.

There is this thing, some idea that got into my head when I was young, that I would not make it past my 27th birthday… I think I knew secretly that I would die or something bizarre would happen. Well, I didn’t die, and I am thankful, however, from about that point to where I am today has been the most revealing and inwardly-focused time of my life. Its a little overwhelming to think of at times, but I have been tested to see where I stand on my morals and how much I really practice my values.

I want to share what I have learned about life so far with everyone in my world. I want to keep it going and develop this into something bigger, something more powerful and good. To help spread the positive loving energy to others so that we can really change our world to be how we want it to be, we just have to do it. I will continue on this endless search for the truth and hope that I have gained enough knowledge to understand it. My blessed journey continues.