The New Era of Husband

My husband is already an incredible man.

I admire him for his strength, endurance and capacity to always think outside of the box.

He is genuine, he is original, he is completely and utterly authentic.

I learn something from him in one way or another, every single day.

Now that my darling husband is a father, things have changed.

You might think, oh no… things have gone downhill since baby arrived.

But, no.

In fact, life has just gotten that much richer, that much deeper, and that much fuller.

My husband as a father is beyond words.

He is unbelievably caring and nurturing to myself and our son.

As I continue to think that I love this man as much as I can love,

I then love him even more.

Seeing him with our baby melts me, it excites me, and makes me feel so much love.

The joy that is derived from our household right now is contagious.

The joy is so think and so omnipresent that even if we are sleep deprived,

things always seem to brighten up and go our way.

My husband is absolutely my life partner,

he is my soul mate

he is my everything.

By far the greatest love of my life and I am blessed to know him, to be with him, to experience life with him.

It is through our love that we have created our own family and it feels so fuqing good!

Little Prince A

This baby is in need of emotional support.

His motor skills and other areas of development are above average

yet emotionally he still needs a lot of care and extra attention.

This is A OK for me.

This Little Prince, Baby A gets a ton of love

from myself

from my partner

from random strangers

from friends and family

He is a light and people see it.

Perhaps his light needs other’s lights to help shine brighter

by reflecting back their own light and illuminating all

this is the same as his mama!

I guess we see in others what we see or recognise in ourselves.

Little Prince A is of royal cloth this is for sure – especially emotionally.

20 Weeks

20 weeks, 12 weeks “corrected”

He stands and supports his own weight

He grabs at objects

He makes eye contact

Smiles, oh those smiles!

Laughs at times,

Makes strong eye contact

Sucks really hard – I have hickeys!

He’s massively determined and makes grunting sounds of effort

He wants to taste everything:

Mom, Dad, Teddy, any toy, tissue, hands, anything that he can put into his mouth!

He has a super strong grip – maybe stronger than mine!

Our super baby no longer looks like a premie!

He has filled out with a double chin and leg rolls!

He is an absolute joy.


Pure Joy

Baby lights up when speaking

he gets out his words

as pure joy exudes from his being

he is pure delight

last night I had tears of Joy

joy so strong brought about by my own boy

my own son

my son!

my sun!!!

Such a blessing

I love getting to interact with him

to engage

to be so totally present

and in love

in joy.

Pure Baby

Being a mum is beyond

having a baby of my own

a little person

a new being in this world

who smiles even alone

and sees everything for the first time

who has no prejudice

no preconceived notions

he’s completely and totally open

he gets grumpy

he cries

he owns his emotions completely

he is so beautiful in his way of who he is

so pure and so natural