Winter in Yosemite

Reflections play a trick on me

It’s hard to tell what I see

Rocks seen clearly from the waters edge

Glacier Point with its white highlighted ledge

Snow-covered logs and tall pine trees

Clouds changing with the breeze

Swirled ice sheets drifting with ease


Tiny flakes tickle my nose

Bringing a calm to my heart as the Merced River flows

This is a peace that only Yosemite knows

In the quiet winter days listening to nature’s echoes


Absolutely perfect in every single way

Lucky me to spend time frolicking on such a day

Creating a new memory that is sure to stay

Of unsurpassed beauty, perfection and carefree play! 

A Love Poem

An incredible sense of love

fills me when I see you

in all your gracious beauty

and your omniscient reign.

You are so natural

so perfect just as you are

nothing else can even compare.

Your light shines so bright

your features so true

lately I’ve come to realize

that its always been you.

I feel a part of you

I think I always have.

You bring peace to my heart

and love to my soul

to be in your presence

I know will never grow old.

To breathe in your air

to caress you with my fingertips

to listen to your whisper

to let you fill me with your spirit

so warm and so true.

I am blessed to experience you

you make me a better person

and I want to thank you

for your timeless love and support.

Back in the USA!

The last couple of weeks have been like a world wind. I have had to come back unexpectedly to the United States after hearing word that my grandmother was in a grave condition. She still isn’t doing well, but is hanging on. I have experienced a lot of culture shock since I arrived back in my own home country. It is hard to describe. When I first realized that I could understand the conversations happening around me on the plane and then sequentially at the airport, it threw me off. It was like all of a sudden I could hear everything again. Like I had been deaf for a long long time and voila! now I could hear.

I spent time back with my family in the Central Valley of California, but it is always an overwhelming experience there and that certainly hasn’t changed. I have dubbed it the land of flowing milk and republicans… shew. That along with a few days of constant family time and I needed to head up to Yosemite, where I have called home during the majority of my adult life. I am still in the loop with my grandmothers health and condition and am much much closer than I was before and I think everyone feels better about it. A part of me feels like I should be back with them visiting my grandmother every day at the home, but it just takes so much out of me and I don’t feel strong enough to support that right now. I am hoping I will have the strength, the internal strength I need soon so I can return and be there for everyone.