Unplanned Love

i see in your eyes how much you love me
i feel how your arms wrap around and embrace me so…
effortlessly, so openly, so naturally
i feel the comfort around you unlike any other
and of all the high vibrational beautiful people
i’ve been around
you are still the one –
the most beautiful and the highest
i’ve yet to encounter
i wish you had more time for me
i know your door is always open
i wish you had more space for me
i know you’ll always make room
i love you, i know this is true
i do
“its the little things” he says
i’ve missed you, me too

Not to Worry

I said to him “Daddy…”

“I’m not worried about money…”

it will come – its a great resource

and I know I’ll be well off in life.

So if I just focus on what I like,

what I’m passionate about – which I am now,

well in our society

we compensate monetarily

and I will be compensated well

but my soul is not for sale.

I can’t be concerned with things

when I know the truth lies in the feelings.

I thanked him for giving me love as best he could

and told him that I’m trying to focus on the good.

He said I have such a solid head on my shoulders

like someone much wiser and certainly older.

I reminded him that I am just twenty-eight

I’ve got a long road ahead to anticipate

lots of good fortune and love will surely come my way,

as long as I’m good to myself every single day.

Love and Getting Lost

I am in a stage in life that I am totally in love with. Not that I am not typically in love, that is just how I am, but especially right now. I am just a lover in general and I… Love, yes… love that about who I am. It is much better, in my opinion, to be in love… and I am letting that feeling take me away. Love is the best natural high there is… It brings you to search out the truth in things, it inspires you to appreciate the environment that surrounds you, it helps you to come to revelations through self love and exploration, growth, development and transformation… 

I love to get lost in my thoughts… I love to get totally into it. I love to dance, I was dancing around by myself this morning for a good hour… ah… I just get lost in it… It may not always make sense, but I think that is just how it goes. You have to lose yourself! In order to find whatever you are looking for you have to get lost… Now that may seem way out there, but that is when you find the best things in life… always. When you are out there doing something that you haven’t done before… creating new memories, creating new thoughts, going for it… enveloping yourself in what you are doing right then… letting the passion override all other things… when you do allow this to happen, great things are bound to come… I believe this wholeheartedly… 

Love creates a better world… Love makes everything better.

My Personal Quest

I really want to know what things are about. I want to know what love is about. I want to know what life is about. I want to know where I fit into the bigger picture. I want to know about spirituality. I want to learn as much as I can about everything that peaks my interest. I want it all.

Can I have it all? I am not sure, but I am sure trying. That is all I can do. I don’t know much about love but I am sure trying to figure it out. I don’t know much about life, but I am sure doing my best to live. I don’t know where I really fit in, but I am trying out different situations to find folks that are more like me than not. I don’t know much about spirituality, but I try to listen to my inner voice as often as I can. I know a little bit about a lot of things so far, but every time something new interests me I try to take the time to learn more than I know now.

I want it all… love, life, happiness, health, light and knowledge. I want to experience everything that I possibly can. I want to know about me in this process. I want to know about others in this process. I want to know. I just don’t know much yet. In fact, sometimes I think I don’t know anything at all. But I do know one thing… I can certainly say that I have been doing my best to find what I am looking for. I just wish sometimes it were easier to know exactly what it is that I am looking for.