I Am a Mother Now

So I’ve been struggling pretty much since I was pregnant with my new role. I had completely unrealistic expectations of myself and what I would be able to accomplish as this baby was growing inside of me. I had entirely too many projects on board, and became super stressed when

My Baby’s Smile

No matter what kind of mood I am in, when my baby flashes his big smile at me, it makes me so happy. He is pure emotion, he allows everything to come out and I love to experience his joy! Imagine being so transparent all the time as an adult

Free Writing

I’ve been doing this meditation every night and allowing it to absorb into my subconscious as I go to sleep. It’s all about grace and cultivating gratitude. It’s really beautiful and I’m so appreciative that I am doing it. We are on Day 7 with Day 8 coming in later

Free Writing

Mixed feelings. Wanting someone to be their best but also demanding that space is given to me to also be my best. It’s an interesting balance, and most of the time it works out. There are a few times when it doesn’t and then I feel like I have to

Daddy and Baby Love

I am absolutely filled with this expansive, light yet very tangible love in my heart when I witness my husband and our baby together sharing moments. Having Baby A has certainly brought up this amazingly soft and tender side of my husband and it absolutely warms my soul. They cuddle

Creating a Tribe

Feeling connected is one thing that I know is essential in my life, and I am sure for almost all human beings. When I consciously connect and create community around me, I end up not just collecting people together, but creating a full on tribe. I’ve entered tribes in the

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