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  • FaceTime

    I’ve lived abroad a total of 5 and a half years of my life. I’ve lived away from where I grew up and away from my family for more than half of my life. You would think that I would have embraced technology with open arms and would have been having major Skype, FaceTime and Google+ Hangouts this whole time. Rather not. I’ve gone way old school instead.

    I’ve written letters, I’ve sent cards and I’ve put my emotion onto the paper or cardstock. I’ve created this very romantic penpal kind of thing with my mother in a very unromantic way but one which a mother and daughter share. It’s been great. We actually have rebuilt our relationship this way and it’s been really positive to communicate at a distance.

    It’s not that I was running from people or things, but more that I needed to step away from all that I knew in order to become all that I am. I needed to cut it off for a while to meet people where I’ve been, to learn about myself and to really dive into the experiences around me. I don’t regret for a moment how I’ve handled myself.

    However, in the last few weeks, I have had more FaceTime or Skype chats and dates than I have in the last few years combined and it feels good. I’m no longer just holding the person in my memory when I think of them, or just reading their Facebook updates, I am actually having a real time conversation and can actually see their face, it’s a whole different experience. Sure it still isn’t the same as literally being face to face and shoulder to shoulder, but it is a great second best.

    Technology is amazing and I am so grateful that there are ways in which to communicate and keep in touch and share who we are now and whats going on now. It’s like having a coffee date with someone. It may not happen every week, or even every month, but when it does, it’s great and you both leave it feeling energized and lovely.

    Aphrodite Archetype

    The Aphrodite Archetype I completely resonate with. I am strong yet uber feminine. I dive deep into relationships and give my all to the moment until it’s done. Sensuality is one of the divine gifts of the physical world and I enjoy colours, flavours, textures and touch as part of my “must have”. I take great care of my self and my body, I take the time to enhance my feminine nature and my features by choosing clothing that suits me and works well with my curvaceous figure.

    Aphrodite was able to inspire change in those she spent time with and I do the same. I consistently am in a process of continual rebirth and blending my feminine and masculine aspects to create an incredible whole. I am highly creative and love to express myself in every aspect that I can whether it be by painting, drawing, speaking, dressing, creating a meal, in every way I express my creative energy.

    I feel very blessed to resonate with the Aphrodite archetype. I am a very strong woman and appreciate that I can gain insight and inspiration from such a tremendous Goddess!



    Eel Totem and “Great Change”

    Three weeks ago I graduated from University. Since then I have gone through a series of different emotions, running fast, then slowing right now, and even sprained my ankle! It’s an interesting space to be in where there are expectations of what a new graduate does, as in gets a typical job works and makes a little money. However, I haven’t wanted to return to something or a way of life that I have previously experienced, so I have been feeling the pull towards that familiar route and simultaneously a strong push away from it. It’s not that I don’t want to spend my time making valuable contributions to the world using my new knowledge and positively impact the world. I do! It’s just that old way of working does not appeal to me. Trading my life for someone else’s goals and ideas when I may just happen to find them on a job board is not appealing to me.

    Offers have been coming my way that are not traditional as well, which I am very thankful for. None have fully resonated with me though. It’s not like they aren’t totally suited to me, because they are, it’s just that I don’t feel passionate about them. They happen to be jobs that are in line with my interests and the way I operate in the world, but for some reason that voice inside of me isn’t saying “GO GO GO”! Instead what’s happening is that I spend a heap of time deliberating if it’s a good idea, and it usually is, and if the pay will be enough for me and for the most part it has been, but there’s something vital missing. In all of these offers I’m still pushing someone else’s agenda which still does positively affect the world, but I don’t feel energised by the thought of actually doing the work to do it.

    Obviously I am curious about myself as I witness this space of transformation. When I truly think about what does appeal to me, it is the ability to be my best self, make a difference in the world, make and complete highly ambitious goals and live a high end lifestyle. This is what I want and I am researching and learning about how others have done it and are doing it to gain some insight and inspiration. What I want is to combine all of my awesome into one package and deliver it in a relatable way to others. What I want is to inspire change in others like I have been inspired over the years and help people live in their best version of themselves. I want this for others because I want this for myself. I want to be happy and generous and kind and appreciative, and I also want to inspire others to also find their key qualities.

    I truly believe that I can change the world but I know it will take collaboration and trust. I choose to live a meaningful life where I feel great about what I do every day, where I look my best, and I present my very best version of me.

    Of course as I’m coming to all of this, the outside world reflects something so interesting and shows up as a guidepost on my path. Where I live there is a duckpond, it’s lovely. There are brown ducks, black ducks, a couple of white ducks and I took down some toasted bread for them this evening. Well, as I stood there passing out toasted treats to the ducks, I noticed an eel! Not just one but two eels! I’ve visited the pond countless times, not once have I ever seen this! I watched them and saw that the ducks left them alone and the eels left the ducks alone, they just both lived together. Every once in a while a duck would mistake the eel for food and give it a nibble but the eel just went along on it’s way.

    As soon as I got home I looked up what an eel totem represented and lo and behold it all about awakening the kundalini energy of the serpent and “Great Transformation”! That the eel watches and takes in all the information and at the opportune time moves forward with ease. I know I am going through a major change and to have this reflected in the outer world still amazes me. Perhaps I needed to be reminded of the divinity in nature and in the world so that I can further honour it and allow myself to fully be present and accept that I will get everything I want as soon as I want it enough to just be it.


    Final Exam, Final Semester

    This morning I have a final exam in Digital Marketing. This is the very last exam I have as an Undergraduate. There is an intense feeling of excitement and heaviness mixed with the completion of my Bachelors and this stage of life. There is a comfort in the stages of growth, however, each chapter must come to an end so that the story, my story can progress.

    Without a doubt I am an eternal student. I have a curiosity about life that never ceases. I find that learning is available in every interaction, in every moment, it’s just up to me to realise it. Undertaking formal education is very different from my self-guided exploration, but I appreciate it nonetheless. I like the structure, I like the guidance and oddly I think I like deadlines within reason. I also appreciate that my courses have been very holistic in nature. Perhaps its due to the fact that they have been primarily Marketing courses this last year, but my professors have crafted such a wide variety of materials into the learning experience and it’s made it all that much more rich. When a guide/professor is experienced and they share what they have learned along the way with passion and enthusiasm it is like magic, where time and space in that moment cease and it’s all about the expansion within it. This doesn’t always happen, and it isn’t with every professor, in every class, in every subject, but when it does happen, it is one of the most joyous experiences at a higher learning institution.

    Heading into this exam I have a High Distinction, which is the American equivalent to an A grade. I have excelled in the projects that have been required including a Digital Marketing Business Plan and a full Case Analysis on the largest social media platform at the moment, Facebook. I do hope that I can express what I have learned and the insight I have gained along the way in both formal and informal education about this topic in the exam today! I know I’ll just need to relax into it and let it come out of me as it’s all in there.

    Perhaps this heaviness will pass after I am done. Perhaps the heaviness is due to the restriction of transformation, that moment where all things are tight and limiting until freedom is gained and a new beginning is made. I’ve had many transformations in my life and thankfully have lived very fully within each of those chapters, this one as a returning student is no exception. I’m very glad that I returned in my 30s. I have been able to get so much out of the subjects from this experience, a vast different from the social experience which I would definitely categorize during my first time at University when I was 18.

    We’ll see what happens next! I’m sure it will be good, really good, it always is!


    Awake or not awake. Isn’t trying to classify someone as “awake” or “not awake” just another way of segregation? By using those labels it brings further separation rather than the unity that is needed.

    I find it interesting when people throw their views on you. I’m sure I do this as well and that’s why I can recognize it. Most of the time I think they are sharing what they need to hear as well, probably as much if not more than the person which whom they are talking.

    So if I’m hearing the gospel from a person who has proclaimed to be “awake”, I question why they are telling this, especially when it has not been prompted. If I bring this back to marketing, it is when a brand is forcing its message upon a consumer when the consumer would rather feel like they are discovering it for themselves.

    Immediately I pull back in situations like these. I try to really listen to what is going on, not just what is being said. I listen and I choose my next action, which is generally to exit.


    Why and How

    The best thing I have learned at University is huge and simple. It is to ask Why and How not just to tell what. This has transformed the way I think and the way I have been communicating. This allows me to convey what I believe, how I action it and why it’s important to me.

    Here’s an incredible and inspiring video by Simon Sinek that confirms the importance of putting why at the heart of everything we do.

    Changing the thought and communication process:

    How Great Leaders Inspire Action



    One Big Dream

    Life is like one big dream

    with symbols to help you understand what it means

    a bit fuzzy and always funny

    like a bubble blanket under water

    cuddling up like an innocent daughter

    my boat is my body

    my vessel for this journey

    my mind is the captain

    the water and the fish swimming

    life is like one big dream

    floating and swimming in the stream

    going with the flow or finding

    another way Рlike salmon who 

    forces her against the stream to spawn in May.

    the burn

    like slowly edging into a hot bath

    getting close to the flame

    where the light shines the brightest

    Perspective Changed

    Once again my perspective has changed.

    I embarked on studying Marketing and completing my Bachelor’s degree here in Australia. This was a conscious decision I made after traveling and living abroad and realising that marketing is an essential part of every day, it is in the fabric of society and is a necessary component. I had the idea that I would look behind the vail and see what was going on and gain insight.

    Insight I have gained. My heart has been broken without a doubt after learning about brands that make promises that are not based in reality whatsoever, but are purely bottom line focused. I am all for making money, but not at the expense of others.

    Perhaps it is idealistic but I plan to create a better world than what I’m in right now. Creating mutually beneficial relationships where ever I am. It has to start somewhere, so why not with me, why not now?

    My perspective has changed by learning about how companies operate. Public relations is wrapped around making news when there isn’t any news. It’s wrapped around getting a message out there based on a media release that then slips through the media and into the consumer’s reality. My professor called this “lazy journalism” but I think it speaks volumes as to where we are right now as a society. It’s all about quantity rather than quality from how I see it, with content being pushed out every minute to get in front of the most eyeballs. This process is unsustainable.

    My perspective has changed by learning about consumer behaviour and learning why we do what we do. The majority, especially as an adult is so convoluted and rooted in what other people think and how we fit into society, which has been carefully shaped and formed with the messages we’ve received. Sometimes these messages can have a positive impact, which is the goal such as “a work-life balance” a statement that is truly common sense in today’s world. In my mind it is much better to push an idea like that versus emotional appeals like L’Oreal’s “You’re worth it” which is an emotional appeal to tap into the consumer’s mind to induce a feeling that they are lacking something and therefore need to purchase L’Oreal products to fill that need.

    Although I feel a bit more cynical when I see an advertisement or any kind of marketing communications message in general, I am glad that I have the awareness of what is happening. Ignorance is bliss, sure. However, having the opportunity to make an informed decision is as Mastercard’s message implies, “priceless”.

    Changing perspectives is a beautiful part of life as is gaining exposure and sharing what one has learned along the way.

    Sew a Super Easy Full or Half Skirt!

    Super Easy Full and Half Skirt Instructions for Beginners who like to feel and look pretty!

    Super Easy Full and Half Skirt Instructions for Beginners who like to feel and look pretty!

    I’ve been teaching myself how to sew and after sewing a number of dresses I thought it would be helpful to actually write it down and share what I’ve learned!