One Big Dream

Life is like one big dream

with symbols to help you understand what it means

a bit fuzzy and always funny

like a bubble blanket under water

cuddling up like an innocent daughter

my boat is my body

my vessel for this journey

my mind is the captain

the water and the fish swimming

life is like one big dream

floating and swimming in the stream

going with the flow or finding

another way – like salmon who 

forces her against the stream to spawn in May.

A Strong Dream

feeling grossly poetic

angry, enraged

taken advantage of

where are my boundaries?

How easily I let them down

in a dream

all a dream

I try to fight back

I’m ridiculed


I’ll take no shit

you pinch my nipples

hold me down against my will

the tables turn

they do – they did

I stabbed him

with fury and revenge

don’t fuck with me


I’m a force to be reckoned with

Don’t mistake my gentle nature for being weak.

I will not be taken advantage of


Trying on a New Dream

Dreams of soup filled test tubes

slip on this new view

take a sip – see if its you

sample, experiment, try it on for size

there’s absolutely no obligation to buy

even if you do – rest assured sweet infinite soul

as in this great smorgasbord

everything has a shelf life

everything can be exchanged for less or more

Today in the sunlight you stand in a shared reality

the “collective conscious” so they say

I stand as a tall white woman

yet in my sleeping dreamtime I can be anything

last night a minature latino

anything is possible…

larger than life indeed –

new found confidence and self-esteem

waking dream…

sleeping dream…

slipping on a new view.

thoughts on the american dream

swimming around

in the dream

sometimes in the warmth

in the light way up high

and other times

yes they happen too

i find myself in the deep

dark cold blue

all various shades

of the mighty spectrum

of life… of the dream

the american dream

or whatever that seems

the collective unconscious

the one thats planted

from a bygone era

the one that isnt mine

that isnt yours

but belongs to those

who hold the strings

who orchestrate the show

once i stepped outside

away from the scene

thats its all so mindless

we’ve been cogs in the machine

its hard to see this

when thats all we see

but ive seen more now

and can’t return

i know theres another way

than the “american dream”

that silly silly american dream

or whatever that means…

The Moment

changing my view

altering perception

taking the moment

letting go of what will be

and embracing its

original conception

living life or dreaming everyday

are all the same

some might say

now is all we have

the past was just a second ago

the future is already right here

so everything is truly

all within reach

keep whats dearest

whats true closest to you

to me… if that is time

then here it is

here i am

in this moment

every moment

living, dreaming, being

smiling at what goes on

observing my actions

looking into the reflections

all with love

an incredible amount of love

for if now is all there is

if it is all just right here

then i choose to be in love

inside and out, all around

its a grand way to be

if this is all we have

The Mosquito

I want to kill that mosquito

the one that keeps biting me

and draining my chi

it comes to me in the night

when I have given up the fight

it takes up my energy and doesn’t allow me to write

Please find another body to bother

I want to gain my own closure

but its hard when it is also a haggler

in my mind… possibly so

and even though I’ve left I haven’t fully let go

so it flies around me when my head hits the pillow

I am now a hemisphere away

but it finds me anyway…  

I guess I must really be drenched by the rain

for it to leave me and cause me no more pain.

So Let the Rain Fall!

Leave Me Be Mosquito!

Bubble Time-Lapse

You drew me in

as I pulled you too

like a magnet to the metal

like a fish to the choral

I wanted to share my bubble time-lapse

I sat upon your lap

I closed all noticeable gaps

wrapped my body around yours

embracing every physical contour

we closed our eyes

let our energy build like a city high rise

the sunrise began slow and it opened our skies


yet someone from outside

interrupted with redeyes and whys

I asked politely that they be quiet and just stand by

they didn’t understand but reluctantly complied

after I explained that the moment needed to happen first

where its natural and unrehearsed 

so we can totally be submersed

letting the love and energy quench our thirst


we won’t need any drugs

we’ll be high from our hugs

we’ll dance all night in the grass or on the rug

while chasing around the flashing lightening bugs

Dream: My Emotional Evolution 01/03/09

January 3, 2009

Rising with force and vigor out of the deep blue water, people trying to peek in as I shower with drops like rain on my head… another burst of ferocious energy and I’m catpulted into the air – finally out of the water – in excitement and a sense of freedom, the energy spins me around and I go higher – water droplets flying off me – Orange, Yellow, Blue