The Trance

You see

its all new to me

as novice as i can be

naive to an extreme

i don’t know what it means

i don’t know anything

i can tell how i feel

i’m even compelled to sing

thinking of you

the energy transfers

pulsates and envelops my being

words just come out

motion just happens

the flow is so incredible

but extremely foreign

it makes me nervous

when i’m out of the trance

when i come back to earth

after being higher than…

well, there’s nothing to really compare



i’m ready to try again

i’m ready to fly again


I inspire others

others inspire me

trust my instincts

go with that flow

realize it all changes

there’s nothing to hold on to

its all just energy

momentarily held in form

its hard to not be fooled by my eyes

to not trust what I see

but its all just a projection

imagined by me –

the power of the human mind

is beyond comprehension

the endless possibilities

the unlimited potential

the awaiting opportunities



Still Dancing

Just keep on dancing

and all will be alright

release yourself of worry

no time for an internal fight

just enjoy the music

and dance tonight.

The wind may blow

the rain may fall

just spin with it

open up to hydration

embrace it all!

Don’t think of stopping

but feel free to pause

take a moment to catch your breath

but get back out there

and keep grooving!

All night long

no stress, no afflictions

just feel the beat through you

let your body get a movin’!

It’s in that moment

where freedom is found

so liberate your soul

no need to let yourself down

no need to hold back

you can even close your eyes

if it feels right

but don’t have a concern

and leave behind all your cares!

Just keep on dancing

find your groove

keep on dancing

bodies are meant to move!

Embracing Femininity

Time to embrace

my god given gift

the all mighty

power of femininity.

my body

my curves

my scent

my vessel

housing my soul.

blessing it is

hard to express

in a conservative society

like the one that exists.

so much more than just flesh

a truth i am starting to understand

something to explore

not to be afraid of

or to feel any shame from

embracing my femininity

at the eve of thirty

in this rebirth i shall

be one with it in all ways i can.

Different Realities

The environmental changes

the surrounding and the atmosphere

the consumption, the bliss

here or there its all relative

as relative as how my hair smells

how my body reacts

and the scents i create

the feeling of bliss

and how different it is

from place to place

never remaining quite the same

there are common themes

i might add

like being in nature

and enjoying it fruits

its beauty and air

watching it in action


being there

taking it all in

one breath at a time

but even that changes too

so dry is the climate

so dry is the air

this is also the place where

a hummingbird’s wings one can hear

I guess its all relative

the atmosphere and environment dictate it all

At least I will know

If there is one thing that is for sure

at least I will know

whenever the time comes

whenever I go

that I’ve tried out some options

some different realities

of life here and there

there won’t be regret

nor any confusion

as I’ll have experienced my life

adding to my personal season.

looking out to the grey desert clouds today

after climbing through a rhododendron thicket yesterday

i am reminded that everything is what i make it

every bit of this life is here because its what i choose.

if i stay long enough i’ll know how my soul feels

how it longs or linger or what it finds real

i guess i’ll keep moving

along till i find

the place where i feel the best

where the sun shines bright.

the thing is that the light shines here

and it also shines there

some places a little more

some places a tad bit clear.

the smell of the dry pinion pine

traded for the honeysuckle of north caroline

of course there’s a happy medium in which i will find

i wonder if its the place i started

the one that transcends time

that stays with me wherever i go

that holds steadfast flying high like the crow?

rhyming my way through the roots of my mind

the leaves of my being

and the branches of time

it sure helps me at least i believe

that at least I will know

what life is like because i’ve tried

because i’ve thought about it

because i’ve made my life mine…

A Woman of Extremes

from the lush smoky mountains

to mother earths red rocks

in a moment it all changes

so quickly i can’t stop.

one extreme to the other

that’s what i do best

i figure that’s the only way to know

to administer a constant self test.

see where i stand

i call it determination

a dreamer and a doer

so they say of my particular day

the last of the zodiac

what more can i say?

a combination of water and fire

of high hopes and desire

of rain and of lightening

never a dull day

the highs and the lows

the lefts and the rights

the gas and the brakes

its all within me.

so i search

i explore

i find

i live

i love

i am.

i am a woman of extremes it seems.

The Spiral Continues

the spiral continues

the pendulum swings

i’m back here in the desert

where i learned to use my wings

happy to be back

in this space once again

the feeling is what spurred

my traveling trend

traveling of heart

traveling of mind

trying my best to understand time.

i’m back here now

feeling it all again

even my hair looks the same

as it did back when

i’m different now

yet it still takes all that it can

it doesn’t leave what it doesn’t want

it just takes and takes and takes

its relentless

survival mode comes into play

the important things are the focus

in the dry long days

like health, true health.

like prosperity that is surely relative

but here anything more than what is here

seems to fit that bill

as simple as water, oh yes, water.

water, life, prosperity

sucking, taking i can feel it

this time around its more intense than before

a feeling that makes me want to run

run right out the door

back to the mountains

where life abounds

back to where life is

where easy people can be found.

the spiral, three times thus far

lucky i am to experience this too

lucky i am to know i can make it through…

Release, Decompress

Lots of input

an overload

needing an overhaul

time to decompress

what better place

than where the ol’ coyote howls

the cactus bloom

and the bats fly at night.

the desert

where everything is taken

so appropriate

such a place to release

to review and gain insight

upon myself

upon my journey

upon this life

baring my soul

once again

there is no place to hide.

The light, Oh the light

The light, oh the light

dancing through the canopy

from daybreak through twilight

amazing it is

everywhere you look

something new to see

a new perspective on the same thing.

nature’s ever changing beauty

is apparent in each moment

an evolving landscape

with time to enjoy it.

brightly colored petals

veins in the leaves

highlighted climbers

and moss on the trees

taking your attention

where she pleases-

a delight for all the right reasons

growing, living, dying

in each season.