Two Places at Once

Sharing a current view

inside an institution

within a city

not just any

the big apple.

people walking all around

watching them

listening to the sounds

of jazz players

of a baby too

a gentle voice

and lots of chatter

all the while

sitting upon a deck

in Western North Carolina.


it is

to have opportunities

as this

to see life

as its happening

through a friends view

of a coffee joint in the city

while I enjoy time

watching a raccoon…

here and there

there and here


without moving

what a treat!

Thousands of Little Hands Clapping

Thousands of Little Hands Clapping

in unison


water meets earth

the forest rejoices

sends a cool loving breeze

all the commotion

of raindrops falling on the leaves –

nature’s symphony


enjoy the moment.

rain brings forth life

helps the plants grow

creates fertile ground

for the next to flourish



thousands of little hands clapping

Like Lavender

Like Lavender

it can all come in one

in order to find it

i must be where it grows-

by following the scent

that tickles my nose

in the cool breeze

where the wind blows-

then i’ll find this lovely species

that entices all my senses

and puts me at ease!