An Era of Illusion

Silly to have lived in an era of illusion

perhaps it still exists

though my lenses have shifted

i am just me as perfect as i can be

like no one else I’ve ever really known – all me

allowing myself the freedom of expression, of expansion

letting go of someone else’s – society’s version of perfection

accepting and cherishing my uncommon thoughts

my varying actions

i am me, this is me

holding true to my inner self

it is higher than i can comprehend

the world continues to transform

a unique and individual place indeed

understanding depths of my soul

that I’ve only brushed by before

trusting that i am my best me

knowing that changes each moment

embracing the ever morphing reality

laughing in it, loving in it, growing in it….

Allowing Love

Embracing my own self love

releasing others from the unattainable task

creating my own happiness

allowing love in – as it is – right now

without falling back on old patterns

nor projecting the future outcome of this, of now

simply enjoying the now- the moment – what is

enveloping my self, my soul in the goodness and grandeur of love

not making demands

letting go of expectations

allowing me to feel without wanting to own my interest

he will come and go

he always will so it seems

but I – I am here – the one with me always

I cannot stall nor stop energy

so i allow the flow to truly run through me

like a river encompassing, enveloping my everything

from my heart to my soul from well above my head to deep into the ground

allowing love with a resting smile upon my face.A

Paperback Romance

Hot, steamy, straightforward

their relationship exuded passion

like of romance novel – a paperback time travel

together they had magnetism that brought everything near

his thick Brazilian accent and hair boasting a machismo city bravado

flowed well with her cool feminine small town California demeanor

until they’d argue – which they did A LOT!

chemistry and electricity never ended.

A strong attchment grew between them

his masculine power overtook her

but she was not a weak-willed woman…

eventually she slipped away

but he followed – they usually do –

A complex story

a complex relationship


both burning bright

the moon and sun can’t ever coexist in the one view for too long

One or the other…

love and hate – its all passion…

Red Rubies

Drawn in by red-

a sudden need to have it in my life again

red hair

red bag

red ruby jewelry

power and connection to my source

utilizing the energy to revitalize and reenergize my soul

like a bull in the coliseum it fills me with fire

I feel the noble wisdom emanating from my heart

like a guardian angel helping me to change

holding my hand protecting me as I transform and shift frames

it lifts me up – encourages me

and reminds me to “Follow My Bliss”

the red, the rubies hekp me to see in the dark

showing a clearer path absent of resistance

i was an am a love being and I remmeber this truth.

I choose my life with eyes of love

and strength from the Divine to chart and venture onto my path

I am precious, rare and beautiful.

I love life and it loves me tremendously.

Spiritual wisdom, Knowledge, Health, Wealth, Bliss, Transition, Change, Choices

Trying on a New Dream

Dreams of soup filled test tubes

slip on this new view

take a sip – see if its you

sample, experiment, try it on for size

there’s absolutely no obligation to buy

even if you do – rest assured sweet infinite soul

as in this great smorgasbord

everything has a shelf life

everything can be exchanged for less or more

Today in the sunlight you stand in a shared reality

the “collective conscious” so they say

I stand as a tall white woman

yet in my sleeping dreamtime I can be anything

last night a minature latino

anything is possible…

larger than life indeed –

new found confidence and self-esteem

waking dream…

sleeping dream…

slipping on a new view.


Looking through the kaleidoscope of life

from my heart through my eye

I see brilliant colors, the earth and the sky.

I’ve gazed at these shapes for years upon yars

but until recently when I’ve learned how to die

to let go of what I’ve always known

shifting my lenses into the great unknown

and seeing yet again through my kaleidoscope

brilliant colors, the earth, the sky and love

love painting and casting its light upon my world

tis the same instrument I’ve always looked through

only now I see the importance of the changing view

transforming my world and the way I see it

while remaining the same perceiver

as I’ve been… evolving, morphing, transforming

my body, my mind, my spirit and my soul

so torquing my kaleidoscope became natural.


This is so hard for me

my tender heart is rebroken when we meet

its like a rejection again and again

when i’m around you I want to be back in

the warm and generous nature I know you have

along with your admiration and basking due to my love

you allow it – but each time I’m left so sad.

I try to be cool –¬†most times I think I pull it off

or so I think –

I purposely put a barrier around me for protection

so I won’t continue to get hurt

I try, I try, I try

but its so hard with my broken heart

Not Personal?

How hard it is to “not take things personally”

when in a relationship wiht another

even further when that relationship dissolves

the feeling of rejection by the one whom you love with such intensity

sends a spear directly through the heart

would the pain really stop if the two lovers were reunited?

or would the reasons for the separation only arise again?