A Beautiful Reflection

looking over at his smiling eyes

a reflection of me

as the sun says goodbye

perched in the meadow

listening to the aspen

a beautiful place

amidst the tall grasses

a lucid dream

so time spent with him seems

with him

or with me

its all the same

but i do like the energy

that circulates back to me again and again

a pure love

as pure as one might find

of two people coming together

without attachment

one and one is one when we unite…

Enchanting North Caroline

digging my feet in the moist mountain dirt

while climbing from the river

up to the grove hand over hand on a rope

approaching three large mushrooms

an ants view looking up their skirt

like alice in wonderland

or some fairytale told to children

but it does exist…

a real live fern gully

of magical nature escapes

all found in a different reality

in the temperate rain forest

in the great smokies

of beautiful and enchanting

western north caroline

feminine and free

with easy careless days

and peaceful nights fireside

where everything seems to bloom

quickly, vibrant and withers

a dancing and constantly evolving landscape

where large cranes still perch

and at dusk play the fireflies

Thousands of Little Hands Clapping

Thousands of Little Hands Clapping

in unison


water meets earth

the forest rejoices

sends a cool loving breeze

all the commotion

of raindrops falling on the leaves –

nature’s symphony


enjoy the moment.

rain brings forth life

helps the plants grow

creates fertile ground

for the next to flourish



thousands of little hands clapping

Winter in Yosemite

Reflections play a trick on me

It’s hard to tell what I see

Rocks seen clearly from the waters edge

Glacier Point with its white highlighted ledge

Snow-covered logs and tall pine trees

Clouds changing with the breeze

Swirled ice sheets drifting with ease


Tiny flakes tickle my nose

Bringing a calm to my heart as the Merced River flows

This is a peace that only Yosemite knows

In the quiet winter days listening to nature’s echoes


Absolutely perfect in every single way

Lucky me to spend time frolicking on such a day

Creating a new memory that is sure to stay

Of unsurpassed beauty, perfection and carefree play! 

Diving Deep

I like to swim around in the currents

on my own, without any deterrents

diving deep to see whats hidden below

then rising above to challenge what I know.


There’s so much life in my soul’s canyons

with layers upon layers to recount what has happened

its a tough trek, steep and dry

all by myself but I know I must try

There’s abundance and life at the bottom that’s all mine.


At the lowest depths where life abounds

I can jump, fly, relax and swim around

absorbing the love within me that I’ve found

hearing nature’s harmony resound

taking in the beauty that’s so profound 

its all about goodness when you go this far down.

Sheltered Inner Beauty

I talked to an old friend today, someone I spent time with a long time ago, she said she had been looking for me and that she was moving. It was great to hear her voice, I had been recently thinking of her as well as she signed my going away print of the hotel when I left years ago, so the timing was perfect. I love how that works out.

A lot has happened since we last spoke, her daughter and grandchildren had already moved out East and her and her husband leave at the end of this week. They traveled around a bit and found a farm in Missouri where they will soon be calling home together. This made my heart smile and I know she could hear it over the phone. I wished her the best and we agreed to try to not lose touch like that again.

I gave her a brief nutshell of what has happened in my life and that I am writing about it now, I told her I didn’t regret going at least I found out that it wasn’t true love, that it was what it was and I have grown from it. I said it was a hard stage of life, but that I am glad I went through it. She commented that I have been so sheltered in life. I agreed. I have. I have been very sheltered in a lot of ways, but I didn’t ask her in which ways, I just assumed we were speaking of the same way… she said that I didn’t even know how sheltered I was… and I said, of course I didn’t… I didn’t think I was sheltered… I can see that I have been very sheltered. It was interesting that this would come about in a nine minute conversation after not being in communication in a couple of years.

This stayed with me and when Rachel returned home for lunch I told her about the conversation and she said she also thought I had been sheltered, but then she reframed and said that sheltered wasn’t the word she would choose, she thought for a moment, and said that I was priveleged. Priveleged and I didn’t know it. She then asked me if I realized how much inner beauty I have because of this. She said that I have inner beauty that shines to my outer beauty, that my inner beauty is just as wonderful as my outer… I didn’t know how to take such a comment or compliment, but I tried and I replied that at times I feel like I do, but other times I really don’t and it isn’t something that I think about… she said that was part of it… 


She says to me

You don’t know your inner beauty

do you?

You feel you’ve been sheltered

but I think you’ve been priveleged

you don’t know your limitations

you haven’t experienced a lot of rejection

like most have with time

I say I’ve just been really lucky

to have had great people around me

gorgeous, wonderful, kind people

who are deserving of the trust I give

and they have shown me that its okay just to be

I’ve just been really lucky in life

to have been in really great environments

along my path of life…

I have experienced a lot of positivity in life

it has affected me and I love that

I am fortunate

so call it priveleged or sheltered

I sure am glad to be who I am. 😀

A Poem: Soul Sisters

You have to know both heaven and hell

to know what to wish when throwing your penny in the well. 

It’s important to be acquainted with both sides

it will definitely help you to make the most of the ride

avoiding the empty holes and knowing when to glide. 

I do know now there are just a few in which I can confide

As of late I’ve called them soul sisters, you bet they’re bonafide. 

We, together, know whne its safe to no longer hide

You see, when you are of this special clan 

you’ll never have to worry – You’ll always have a helping hand

they are the handful that really understand

Amongst us we share our dreams and love freely

we give all we have completely. 

We love to dance and just let go

and to witness such is quite a show. 

Of women being free to be who they choose

because there’s so much more to win that to lose. 

Let’s enjoy and laugh and share great moments

Remember when in Rome, do as the Romans. 

We create our own world, full of beauty and honesty

a place that is safe for each of us to be

together we will be ourselves, natural and free!

Beauty’s got the best of her

Her eyes are bright

her love is right

but she still doesn’t know


beauty’s got the best of her

youth is on her side

but secretly she wishes

that she can run and hide


its time for her to be set free

to fly around like a honeybee

shes always sweet in her way

but nows the time for her to say…


oh set me free!

so I can learn what I need

so I can see who I am

’cause I just want to be me


beauty’s got the best of her

youth is in her eye

a heart bursting full of love

all she needs is time


oh set me free!

so I can learn what I need

so I can see who I am

’cause I just want to be me