Tilling the Soil

heartbreaks and heartaches are necessary

loving deeply and losing is necessary

so when it comes again

with all the right ingredients

true love can be embraced!

cherished and not taken for granted

learning with each relationship

with every moment and interaction

preparing and letting go of expectations

and growing in self love

creating a fertile love ground

ready to nurture and care

with an evolved understanding

of the beautiful gift

the amazing blessing of love!

with a hopeful heart she continues to till her soil

inserting all the necessary nutrients for a





Angels in the Architecture

Angels in the architecture

of her mind

of her reality

they are with her always

helping her grow while protecting her

uplifting her and sharing all their compassionate love

her divinity permeates her being

she in turn shines bright

illuminated with internal light

she attracts beauty all around

depth of beauty attracts her

she sees it everywhere

she shares her love and compassion

she receives it in turn

its just how the story goes





A Forecasted Love…

this time around is different

a hope for love

she’s independent

strong on her own…

knows that only she can make herself happy

she’s more compassionate

and more selective.

she ends up dating someone familiar

that she’s known for a long time

a supportive friend who’s always loved her.

and she never knew… until now…

usually she’d meet some “great” guy

and go for it… all starry eyed

this time it just evolved…

she was all herself all the time around him

not the person others meet

he knows her depth

he’s been around long enough to know

there’s way more than what the surface shows…

they inspire one another

support and nurture each other too

a super positive chemical equation of love

each other’s refuge

Clarity of Neptune

heart eyes

of rainbow scenes

her view is only seen

with the Illusion and Clarity of Neptune

the Drive of Saturn

and the Sensitivity of Venus

bigger than life

she draws them in

she loves them

she gives her all


time after time it dissolves

or cracks

or dissipates

or she escapes, escapes, escapes.

Constant Rom-Com

Living a constant Rom-Com

Romance and Comedy abound

Love du jour

err… heart of the month


pursuit of passion?

pursuit of emotional depth? YES!

seeking THE chemical equation

positive complimenting

joining in love, in time, in bodies, in mind

wrapped in our hearts

diving into the depths of the subconscious

transcending the physical world

through physical action no less…


confrontation for growth…

Hopeful for love…


with my romantic heart…

Like scenes seen on the big screen

Major romance as consistent supply

chain of events

plot linked together

of the optimistic female protagonist

who all too easily gets swept up

like in chemistry class when the volcano


she rides the reaction

then is left- outside in a mess!

Time and again she tries

she so believes in love

and her love partner of the moment

whomever they want to be

not always who he really is

confusion, reliance and trust make a crazy combination…

her hopeful heart still believes…

an easy switch

overdrive engaged

dynamic personal energy

expanding, expanding, expanding

oh too much and way too soon…

it’s what happens…

he says “it was as poetic as poem and as sweet as raw sugarcane…”

oh the chemical reaction…

oh the laughter, the love and the drama that ensues…

1 bliss filled i

Perspective gained

integration time

universal eyes

of love

in love

all love

the spectrum illuminates

my worldly view

diving into a droplet

the leaf of a plant

a wave of the ocean

the heartbeat of a bird

or a child’s smile

even debating friends-

it’s all me.

I am all of this!

the balance remains

at the ened of the the day

as it was today

at daybreak




1 bliss filled i

Oh the Magic!

Oh the magic

the special ingredient

needed for sparkle

for brilliant shine

like faery dust

open hearts seeing

open eyes singing

magic indeed surrounds

light illuminating rain

nourishment from above

seeds bearing life

on welcoming tilled fertile soil

spiders spin webs

beauty all around

reaching towards the sun

softly growing now

with ease, grace

the time – now.

“g r a t i t u d e” in flames

Lismore’s Lantern Parade

“g r a t i t u d e” in flames!

A garden theme full of animals, mushrooms and a snake.

kangaroo, hippo, lion, giraffe, opossum, bats, birds…

fireworks with the OOH and AHHH all around…

the crowd singing “this little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine!”

Celtic Garden God and Goddess up in flames…

everything changes…

drummers drumming

stilt walkers dancing

heaps of kiddos with lanterns creating the event

a community event for certain.

creation and growing is the theme,

uplifting voices

getting all of us involved…

creating our own everything collaboratively…

this is the theme…

being one and all in the same…

if it can be dreamed it can happen!

Thank you for the shining the light Lismore!!!

Enlighten Up Yo!

Feeling Incredibly Blessed!

I’ve just perused through photos others have posted with me in them on Facebook. I’ve had such a blessed life with so many different people sharing moments, experiences and life with.

The thing is that it always works out, IT ALWAYS DOES! The more I just stay present in the moment, enjoy it and follow my intuition weighed up with logic as necessary, my life will continue to be blessed!

Lots of Love! Past + Present + Future!!!

Enlighten Up Yo! It’s June!