Back in Time

back in a time
where values are antiquated
old fashioned ways
outward appearances
singing at the pews
wasn’t ever really from here
i just spent time
my time, i needed to learn
i can survive
i must know one extreme
to experience the other
i have to know senseless order
to have perfect chaos
intentional freedom
i must know the mold
to break from it
it isn’t my mold
that is utterly clear
as i find myself back here


by releasing ourselves of who we were in the past and also releasing family members of who they were in the past, we are all allowed to move on in a peaceful manner… the more i hold them to who i think they used to be they do the same… i know i am different and i realize its a breath of fresh air to have a person, even moreso, a family member, come in with fresh eyes… always changing, constantly changing… them, us, we… all… allowing the moment to be… and it is a joyous one when i come with fresh eyes and a heart of love…


sharing my love
my story
the truths ive discovered
helping others see it in themselves
sometimes a Band-AID is needed
until the root
the real issue can be addressed.
from traditional western doctors
to eastern medicine
eventually progressing
to find that its all in the mind.
so utilize those Band-AIDs
working on the root one at a time…
until no more Band-AIDs are needed
and every root is uncovered.