Transformation and the flow of my mind

i refute the idea that all life is suffering.

recently heard a translation to modern times suffering=stress.
this flows more easily with me.
living mostly on the spiritual and mental planes these days
these days in australia
wondering if its all just fiction
all the numbers, all the signs
a storyline based on a world of spirituality
that being the theme
i go with it
im interested
but could it be just like anything else… built by a set of ideas
then distributed and followed…
ill take what i want and leave the rest
take in, taste, experience, and absorb only whats necessary
in total preparation of the next step
i am becoming a full woman
true to myself and my nature
independent and confident
in my abilities
in my mind
in my love and in my knowing.
i know… i know… it is true
comfort in the words in old books that seem to confirm what i’ve known
not sure why i had to get confirmation, but i have and thats that.
its not always easy when you are venturing out on your own
paving your own way
going against the grain of the rest of the piece…
with a greater vision
not a herd mind whatsoever
i have to lead my life the way i choose
learning to truly trust this process and myself in it
i am getting there…
i make things more complicated that they need to… must K.I.S.S. more keeping to one plot… simplicity…
I break it down to keep it super simple… 🙂
for some reason i need to learn all about it before i can do that though
otherwise i feel like i am moving about blindly
not my cup of tea
feeling me
feeling what is here
feeling the greater force whatever that is
its all around
its all around
regularly i request… make me a channel of divine creativity and use me as an instrument of higher will…
wrote the basis for a story… came to me at 3am, ten pages… based on the story steps illustrated on my wall…
flooding out… and then it stopped midway and i wrote… tell me more and more came…
now what to do with it…
wanting to create something that eventually involves others
based on what flows through me… in words…
hopefully in full stories…
help disimminate the awareness…
to help bring light to other peoples work as well…
hopefully making an impact, an influence on others,
on myself, on humanity
the goal is still this…
to positively impact and raise the vibration of humanity, of the human race…
through energy
through thoughtful words and awareness
evoking emotion
evoking thought
evoking change