Raising Endorphins

Raising Endorphins

like a fundraiser

to help the common good

to help all around

to help me too

by helping me I do help others

this is true.

raising endorphins

getting high on life


sharing that positivity

letting it vibrate out of me

uplifting all around

the goal is to uplift humanity

this is my goal

this is the goal of what I do and why I do it

to help others see what they already have

to help inspire change

raising endorphins

energizing myself

having a surplus of energy to share with others

this is all it is

doing my best

sharing my merits

sharing my resources

continuing to raise and share

raise and share

raise and share

Sans Nuclear Family

I’ve never really had a nuclear family

at least not for too long

it has shifted and changed along th eway

with moments of relative solidity

I am grateful for these constant shifts

its taken a lot to get to this point

of acceptance

of letting go of past hurts and pains

i have forgiven

i still forgive

myself and those around me

everyone does their best

this is true.

that best changes from moment to moment.

this is true.

my family has always been extended

this has helped to create a community in my mind

a global community that extends well beyond parent and child

so much to learn from one another

so much to absorb and exchange

an extended flexible family

an extended flexible attitude

an extended flexible way of living in the world

all of which I am thankful.

New Era

Shifting perspectives



moprhing into the new me

voila a breakthrough

my mind is stronger than my eye

my eye is my mind


whatever that may mean

going beyond the ordinatry

nothing is as it seems

so many different ways to look

the value system of the objects shifts too

this is where the transcendence is

in shifting the view, the perception of things around

of the way i perceive the world

this is true

this is transcending what i have known into a new era of knowing.

it is indeed that a new era.