The Storm in May

The storm rolled up quietly

building and building

until the thunder, lightning and rain came

a full on event.

I wasn’t fully prepared

or rather I finally was.

I observed myself going through the emotions

I didn’t hide it, I didn’t avoid it

So over lack… I am ready to move beyond basic survival

this all came out.

Huge stride in the right direction

watching it all happen

acknowledgeing it

and choosing something else after…

I choose to have aspects of my life be different.

I am grateful to have these experiences

but I’ll take easy graceful lessons moving forward

without so much confrontation…

It’s up to me to change the pattern

as the storm rolls in

and disrupts the day and night…

cleanses and replenishes the earth…

it also does the same to me…

Thank you storm, thank you storm in May.

Mother Nature’s Flower

A sweet love



daisies and roses

thorns yes.

lovely fragrance yes.

beauty yes.

blooming to be showcased

to be experienced

then to wither

and bit by bit have it’s beauty removed

by nature

by the elements

the inconsiderate

impersonal elements of mother nature

she knows best apparently

and she’ll rob one of its beauty, youth


she’ll take it all.

so enjoy whatever it is…




I am the Moon, dear

I am just like the moon, dear.

I am just like the stars, dear.

I am just like El Capitan reflecting in the moonlight.

I am just like the valley, dear,

opening up and embracing the changes of atmosphere.

I am just like the moon dear.

When I’m full the stars seem dim dear.

They really stay quite static dear.

Yet I move around the world dear.

I reflect with the sun light –

the glorious male energy.

I wax and wax until I’m full,

I slowly rise dear.

I illuminate in the night dear.

Then I wane and wane until I’m gone

only to start again dear.

I’m even seen in the daytime dear.

My time to reign is in the winter dear.

It’s my season more than the other dear.

Where I get to help shine,

to shed light during the sun’s absence,

in those colder months, which, are inevitable,

where warmth is needed dear.

That’s when you’ll see me most dear.

Look to me for solace, dear.

Revel in the feminine, emotional feelings dear.

Snuggle up and keep warm with a love dear.

‘Tis the season when I reign for this to happen dear.

I am like the moon dear.

The “off season” where we recoup dear.

When it’s time to learn other things dear.

To develop feelings and thoughts dear.

To express and create output dear.

I am like the moon dear.

In the winter months I’ll be your saviour dear.

Always dear.

Always near.

Always here.

Different Realities

The environmental changes

the surrounding and the atmosphere

the consumption, the bliss

here or there its all relative

as relative as how my hair smells

how my body reacts

and the scents i create

the feeling of bliss

and how different it is

from place to place

never remaining quite the same

there are common themes

i might add

like being in nature

and enjoying it fruits

its beauty and air

watching it in action


being there

taking it all in

one breath at a time

but even that changes too

so dry is the climate

so dry is the air

this is also the place where

a hummingbird’s wings one can hear

I guess its all relative

the atmosphere and environment dictate it all

The Spiral Continues

the spiral continues

the pendulum swings

i’m back here in the desert

where i learned to use my wings

happy to be back

in this space once again

the feeling is what spurred

my traveling trend

traveling of heart

traveling of mind

trying my best to understand time.

i’m back here now

feeling it all again

even my hair looks the same

as it did back when

i’m different now

yet it still takes all that it can

it doesn’t leave what it doesn’t want

it just takes and takes and takes

its relentless

survival mode comes into play

the important things are the focus

in the dry long days

like health, true health.

like prosperity that is surely relative

but here anything more than what is here

seems to fit that bill

as simple as water, oh yes, water.

water, life, prosperity

sucking, taking i can feel it

this time around its more intense than before

a feeling that makes me want to run

run right out the door

back to the mountains

where life abounds

back to where life is

where easy people can be found.

the spiral, three times thus far

lucky i am to experience this too

lucky i am to know i can make it through…

The light, Oh the light

The light, oh the light

dancing through the canopy

from daybreak through twilight

amazing it is

everywhere you look

something new to see

a new perspective on the same thing.

nature’s ever changing beauty

is apparent in each moment

an evolving landscape

with time to enjoy it.

brightly colored petals

veins in the leaves

highlighted climbers

and moss on the trees

taking your attention

where she pleases-

a delight for all the right reasons

growing, living, dying

in each season.

Return to the Desert

back in the desert

only for a moment

long enough to understand

theres more for my life

than just this

cracked and drying

taking all i have

without even trying

im a water baby

i can survive for a while

but it shouldn’t be just about survival

wheres the fun in that?

where the life in abundance?

wheres the joy to be had?

back in the desert

a voluntary move

one to cleanse and ground

the restless bird in my soul

just for a moment

yes indeed

just for a moment

surely all the time i will need

Enchanting North Caroline

digging my feet in the moist mountain dirt

while climbing from the river

up to the grove hand over hand on a rope

approaching three large mushrooms

an ants view looking up their skirt

like alice in wonderland

or some fairytale told to children

but it does exist…

a real live fern gully

of magical nature escapes

all found in a different reality

in the temperate rain forest

in the great smokies

of beautiful and enchanting

western north caroline

feminine and free

with easy careless days

and peaceful nights fireside

where everything seems to bloom

quickly, vibrant and withers

a dancing and constantly evolving landscape

where large cranes still perch

and at dusk play the fireflies