One Big Dream

Life is like one big dream

with symbols to help you understand what it means

a bit fuzzy and always funny

like a bubble blanket under water

cuddling up like an innocent daughter

my boat is my body

my vessel for this journey

my mind is the captain

the water and the fish swimming

life is like one big dream

floating and swimming in the stream

going with the flow or finding

another way Рlike salmon who 

forces her against the stream to spawn in May.

Perspective Changed

Once again my perspective has changed.

I embarked on studying Marketing and completing my Bachelor’s degree here in Australia. This was a conscious decision I made after traveling and living abroad and realising that marketing is an essential part of every day, it is in the fabric of society and is a necessary component. I had the idea that I would look behind the vail and see what was going on and gain insight.

Insight I have gained. My heart has been broken without a doubt after learning about brands that make promises that are not based in reality whatsoever, but are purely bottom line focused. I am all for making money, but not at the expense of others.

Perhaps it is idealistic but I plan to create a better world than what I’m in right now. Creating mutually beneficial relationships where ever I am. It has to start somewhere, so why not with me, why not now?

My perspective has changed by learning about how companies operate. Public relations is wrapped around making news when there isn’t any news. It’s wrapped around getting a message out there based on a media release that then slips through the media and into the consumer’s reality. My professor called this “lazy journalism” but I think it speaks volumes as to where we are right now as a society. It’s all about quantity rather than quality from how I see it, with content being pushed out every minute to get in front of the most eyeballs. This process is unsustainable.

My perspective has changed by learning about consumer behaviour and learning why we do what we do. The majority, especially as an adult is so convoluted and rooted in what other people think and how we fit into society, which has been carefully shaped and formed with the messages we’ve received. Sometimes these messages can have a positive impact, which is the goal such as “a work-life balance” a statement that is truly common sense in today’s world. In my mind it is much better to push an idea like that versus emotional appeals like L’Oreal’s “You’re worth it” which is an emotional appeal to tap into the consumer’s mind to induce a feeling that they are lacking something and therefore need to purchase L’Oreal products to fill that need.

Although I feel a bit more cynical when I see an advertisement or any kind of marketing communications message in general, I am glad that I have the awareness of what is happening. Ignorance is bliss, sure. However, having the opportunity to make an informed decision is as Mastercard’s message implies, “priceless”.

Changing perspectives is a beautiful part of life as is gaining exposure and sharing what one has learned along the way.