A Poem: Can I Lay Here?

Do you mind if I lay here?

here in my bed

its a comfortable place

to be in my head.


I promise you can stay a while

we don’t have to talk

just give me a smile.


An unspoken language

that we’ll create on our own

it’ll be fit for me and you

uniquely fashioned in our tone.


We’ll revel in our delights

never worry – we won’t fight

just promise me

we’ll keep on the light.


I’m afraid of the dark

I’m afraid that it’s true

I’ve always been

it makes me blue.


So hang out here next to me

we’ll sprout our roots

just like a tree.


Hold my hand and come in close

I’ve got nothing to hide nor to boast.

We’ll sit in silence – you and me

painting our world that’s totally free.

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