A True Love Baby

We conceived on our wedding day.

A day that was a true celebration of love.

We conceived with absolute love and connection.

Our expansive love, the love between my husband and I,

took the largest next step that day, that special day.

Our deepness, our connection, or growth together, our commitment to one another, to our present, to our future, with full intention and openness created as perfect of a day, a series of amazing moments that stretched out and we will now forever more, have not only the memory of that day between us, but a child conceived on that auspicious and ominous day.

It was the equinox. Where day and night were in balance.

It was my birthday. My own rebirth and I could feel it.

It was the first day of the astrological new year and the force of moving forward and going into the “new” was so strong.

Together we were able to create the most amazing gift that we will ever know.

This baby is absolutely a true LOVE baby. Absolutely.

Such a blessing.