Baby and Life Commitment

Lately I’ve been thinking about the correlation of having a baby and feeling like that stage in life is where you need to be for a while. For instance, I have friends from before who have had babies, but my life circumstance has changed and I now live in another part of the world. It’s not that I don’t want to regularly be a part of their lives as well, but since my life is set over here, I am naturally creating more roots here and having a sense of stability. With that sense of stability comes a whole fruit bearing tree of goodness as well.

I wonder if there’s the same kind of correlation about a person who has grown their hair long and had it long for so long and been that same person for so long, it’s their identity, who they have chosen, or not chosen and just slipped into, to be for a while.

Having a baby, for me has been a sure fire sign that this is the life I want and the life I want with my partner. Sure there is always room for improvement in our lives and that is what makes me love our lives as well, but everything is pretty great. Life is good, life is really good. I knew it would be, I knew it would be when we decided to have a child together. It’s almost like the baby put a timestamp on where we were and who we were at that moment and from then we have all grown together. Sure not everyone has a story that goes like this, but for me, and for us it has, and it’s really cool.

Having a baby is such commitment, it’s a huge commitment to who we are and what we are as well. By nature of having a small totally dependent person, we have needed to be stable, to be regular, to find a routine ourselves. It’s been really nice to have this. Seeing that I would not have done this in any other stage of my life, I have to gather that when consciously choosing to have a child, one does so because there is a sense of trust that life is pretty great, and bringing another person into it, would only enhance it.