Constant Rom-Com

Living a constant Rom-Com

Romance and Comedy abound

Love du jour

err… heart of the month


pursuit of passion?

pursuit of emotional depth? YES!

seeking THE chemical equation

positive complimenting

joining in love, in time, in bodies, in mind

wrapped in our hearts

diving into the depths of the subconscious

transcending the physical world

through physical action no less…


confrontation for growth…

Hopeful for love…


with my romantic heart…

Like scenes seen on the big screen

Major romance as consistent supply

chain of events

plot linked together

of the optimistic female protagonist

who all too easily gets swept up

like in chemistry class when the volcano


she rides the reaction

then is left- outside in a mess!

Time and again she tries

she so believes in love

and her love partner of the moment

whomever they want to be

not always who he really is

confusion, reliance and trust make a crazy combination…

her hopeful heart still believes…

an easy switch

overdrive engaged

dynamic personal energy

expanding, expanding, expanding

oh too much and way too soon…

it’s what happens…

he says “it was as poetic as poem and as sweet as raw sugarcane…”

oh the chemical reaction…

oh the laughter, the love and the drama that ensues…