Creative Fodder

I recently heard something along the lines that a person has enough creative fodder accumulated by the time they reach 20 years old to last a lifetime. If this is true, then I have enough for multiple lifetimes.

If writing is all about sharing what you feel and how you are experiencing life and being human, how could it possibly stop at age 20? By the age of 20 I feel like I had already had at least four distinctly different lives. By now at age 34, countless more “lives” I have lived.

This makes me feel compelled to continue to put things on paper, and share what I think and what happens in my life. Maybe sharing more of the what actually happens, rather than my emotional interpretation of it could be helpful. Who knows. Sometimes, I read back on my poetry and am honestly not sure who the other person really was. Sometimes I wonder if that really matters in the grand scheme of things.