Driving as Meditation

Oh how I love a road trip. I love the open roads, I love looking out to the big open sky, I love the changing scenery, and I love my mind unleashes in the car. It’s interesting when sitting in one place for hours on end, with a direct focus on the road, instantly puts me into a meditative state. It’s wonderful. It’s lucid, it’s both relaxed and alert, which is something I strive for in general. This happens as soon as I’m out of the city and on a stretch of road that I know I’ll be on for a while. It’s wonderful.

I have taken many road trips in my life and have taken solo ones as well, which I highly recommend to every person, just for your own growth. These days my road tripping is generally contained while on vacation, or when heading up the farm which is a full long day of driving. I honestly don’t mind it though. I find it rather soothing, as long as it’s not dark!

My mind comes up with such amazing thoughts, ideas, insights, and flares of brilliance when I’m driving. On a few occasions I’ve actually recorded it, but not nearly enough. It’s a great time to actually talk out loud and speak whatever is brewing at every level of my mind and heart. It’s sometimes totally divine and just comes out so easily.

I’ve often found refuge in my car, even from a young age. I would just go on drives by myself. Sometimes I still even sit in my car even after I’ve arrived some place because it feels comfortable to me. It’s a safe place, it helps me to go where I want to both physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I have worked out so many emotions when driving, and it’s not reserved just for rage.

Music is a natural companion in the car as it speaks to the soul on a different level, and what better place than when you are on a road trip and in that relaxed yet alert state, so perfect. It’s also so perfect when the radio keeps scanning because there isn’t a station that can be picked up. That’s a great time to dive inward. Recently I was listening to a audible book and it was also so perfect to listen so openly, I am certain I absorbed those words more effectively than if I were doing much of anything else.

Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting lotus position with your eyes closed. It is available all the time, in so many different ways and I am thankful to realise and experience this for what it is, expanding consciousness and awareness, even when going from point A to point B.