Finding His Feet

Baby A is 4.5 months corrected, 6.5 physical age; 21 weeks corrected or 29 weeks physical.

The paediatrician said that I should only go by his corrected due date because it doesn’t matter if he was in the humidicrib or in the womb, he was still developing and wasn’t ready to be out yet! He also said that 2 months is a big time frame when you have only been alive for six months. Same goes for one year, and even two years, then it starts to even out a bit.

So now at 21 weeks he touches his toes and grabs his feet! He had casually done it before, but now he does it with such a sense of discovery and joy. His favourite time to really play with them is when he is on the change table, diaper free! He puts his cute plump short legs into the air and reaches his hands up and pulls on his feet and toes! The cutest thing ever! He lights up with his eyes taking it all in, and a huge smile paints his face with joy.

I love getting to watch his grow and discover!