Finding the Place

Need to spend more time

in the sun

with breaths of fresh air

where there’s plenty of space

where noones in a race

except the kids playing on the lawn

or the deer over yonder with her fawn.

maybe not as far as voluntary simplicity

but certainly away from the big city

brief moments and stretches in passing there

but returning back where the focus is care

where love and life thrive with ease

where you feel a caress from the breeze

where life is slower and can be enjoyed

where love and energy are always employed

like waving as you pass along

where it feels so right and you sing a song

a place where everything is fresh

and you feel at your best

where that is common among the rest

downhome love and acceptance

with wider expansions and the will for the present

where being good in all things important

the feelings, not the things ride the current

of now and whats right here

I’m not there right now, but the time is near.

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