Finding Your Passion

Passion is what drives us to do things well, really well. We do our best when we are totally engaged in what we are doing. We always want to do our best, so if that is the truth, then we should always do what we are passionate about. It is interesting that most of my thoughts along this line always head back to “Follow your Bliss” by Joseph Campbell, a great American mystic. This is one of those times.

I saw two great examples of people in action using thier passion to drive them to outdo themselves. The first one was a Badmitton player who was practicing for the big tournament that is being held tonight at the Paulistano Club. He was in the zone. I was walking by and had to stop and watch him. He was so intense, focused and really giving his all to his game. He was totally dressed for the part. He was the oldest of the competitors there, probably in his 50s or so, with a headband, sport goggles, even some kind of patch to help him see better (?) over one eye, a knee brace and new tennis shoes. He was running, sweating and hitting back the birdie every time it came to his court… his passion was unmistakable. I hope he wins tonight, we shall see.

The other was a guest trambone player with Tito Martino Jazz Band, a band that I have been watching every Tuesday Afternoon at the Livaria Cultura on Avenida Paulista since the beginning of the year. He is a tall fellow, I have seen him play a couple of times with them and now that he is a bit more comfortable he just goes for it. He blows that thing with mighty force. He sings the songs right along with Tito, he even does a little dance along with it. He is alive! His enthusiasm and passion draws a great applause each time, creating this great flow of energy which fuels all of us even more. His passion for music and being on stage is unmistakable and you can tell how much he loves it.

Finding and following your passion is everything. First you must figure that out and then the rest can work itself out. Your passion is not going to be the same as everyone else’s, that is why it is our own passion that we must find.

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