I am the Moon, dear

I am just like the moon, dear.

I am just like the stars, dear.

I am just like El Capitan reflecting in the moonlight.

I am just like the valley, dear,

opening up and embracing the changes of atmosphere.

I am just like the moon dear.

When I’m full the stars seem dim dear.

They really stay quite static dear.

Yet I move around the world dear.

I reflect with the sun light –

the glorious male energy.

I wax and wax until I’m full,

I slowly rise dear.

I illuminate in the night dear.

Then I wane and wane until I’m gone

only to start again dear.

I’m even seen in the daytime dear.

My time to reign is in the winter dear.

It’s my season more than the other dear.

Where I get to help shine,

to shed light during the sun’s absence,

in those colder months, which, are inevitable,

where warmth is needed dear.

That’s when you’ll see me most dear.

Look to me for solace, dear.

Revel in the feminine, emotional feelings dear.

Snuggle up and keep warm with a love dear.

‘Tis the season when I reign for this to happen dear.

I am like the moon dear.

The “off season” where we recoup dear.

When it’s time to learn other things dear.

To develop feelings and thoughts dear.

To express and create output dear.

I am like the moon dear.

In the winter months I’ll be your saviour dear.

Always dear.

Always near.

Always here.

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