I Enjoy My Creativity

I do thoroughly enjoy my creativity. It is something that makes me happy. Creating, in all ways, whether it is painting, writing, dancing, cooking, putting something together, I do take a lot of joy in it. In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert says that by truly enjoying your own creativity, you entice the muse, the inspiration to return again and again. I agree with this thought. It creates a space, a habit, a sankara, whereby every time I then go to create again, it happens in a joyous fashion. I did think for a quite some time that you needed to be a tortured artists in order to really dive in and feel the emotions to share them, but I don’t think that any more, and I am so freaking glad. I am so over the torment and tribulations that I have gone through which have created a depth of emotion, but really, I’m so over that.

Now, taking joy in whatever I am doing makes more sense, and feels better. This goes for everything! Everything I do with Joy and Ease and Grace. Yes, thank you, more please.