Jungle Show in Dublin

We are in Dublin, Ireland as an add-on to a trip my husband had to make for work which happened to fall over my birthday and our wedding anniversary. Even though we are on a trip that is well stretching us from our financial means, I am very happy to be here and am blessed to even have this opportunity.

Life in general is pretty great. It really is. Sometimes I lose focus of this momentarily, but overall, I see it, I feel it, and I know it. It’s all first world problem bs that I can get caught up in and it’s silly sometimes.

There is a tv in our hotel room and I turned it on to help ease a tired bub from his jet lag and give me a little down time, and after the baby show was over, a show about jungles came on. The jungle show as so intense, it was documentary style, like from the Travel Channel or the like, showcasing how people live in the jungle, and what they have to do to survive in those conditions. There was a segment about a women in South America who breast feeds the monkey babies after they eat the mother and carries them around on her head, another was young boys hunting tarantulas from under logs that are the size of dinner plates and cooking them over the fire because they literally didn’t have any other food available.

It is hard not to compare sometimes, but when I do compare to these jungle dwellers who have only ever known their way of life, it makes me feel like my problems are so small, that my life is so great and that I ought to be so grateful for all the things, the experiences, the life I get to live.