Neptune and Saturn Influences

Today it was pointed out to me that the astrologic climate is one of general cloudiness and internal change specifically regarding mutable signs since we are under a Gemini Sun with the new moon in Gemini, Jupiter and North Node in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. I happen to have a lot of natal planets that correspond with this such as a Virgo Rising, Saturn in Virgo, Neptune in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces, and a Gemini Midheaven. Lately in general, especially yesterday it was so crazy easy for me to get so worked up and go to a worst case scenario when my husband wasn’t home when he should have been. This had a negative impact on my entire day. How crazy is that? It really shook me. However, now that it has been pointed out to me that this astrological weather is happening, it makes me feel a bit relieved. It makes me feel like I have been under the influence but that it’s okay, that it will pass.

It was suggested that I try to balance things out by doing more Saturn versus Neptune things. So instead of getting lost in the arts, music, day dreaming, food and beverages etc which are all part of Neptune, go Saturn instead. Saturn is all about being practical, doing things physical, grounding in reality really. Saturn is about getting things done with a to do list and not stopping until things are done.

So today, I took 2 separate walks, one in nature which was incredibly grounding, and another around the block just so I could get physical. I ate well, I played with bub, I made plans to get some new furniture to update our internal look at our house, and I had a relatively hard conversation with a friend about not being so sensitive when she was vulnerable recently about her child being aggressive.

I am navigating through these waters, and I am assured always that things will always change, and for this, I am grateful. Until then, bringing more Saturn into my life to help me move forward productively, effectively, with ease, peace of mind, and joy.