Not to Worry

I said to him “Daddy…”

“I’m not worried about money…”

it will come – its a great resource

and I know I’ll be well off in life.

So if I just focus on what I like,

what I’m passionate about – which I am now,

well in our society

we compensate monetarily

and I will be compensated well

but my soul is not for sale.

I can’t be concerned with things

when I know the truth lies in the feelings.

I thanked him for giving me love as best he could

and told him that I’m trying to focus on the good.

He said I have such a solid head on my shoulders

like someone much wiser and certainly older.

I reminded him that I am just twenty-eight

I’ve got a long road ahead to anticipate

lots of good fortune and love will surely come my way,

as long as I’m good to myself every single day.

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