On Holiday Every Day

Recently a friend of mine commented that she had never thought of living in a place like the Northern Rivers because that is a place you go to on Holidays to get away from the city, that she hadn’t even considered it was an option. I hadn’t even thought that it wouldn’t be a consideration which is really telling about the differences between us. She commented that of course I consider this to be my normal and understands why I want to return and leave the city.

The thing is, that if I only have one life to live, why not spend it like I’m on holiday? Why not live in a destination location with beautiful scenery and spaciousness? Why not wake up and stretch and be good to my body? Why not make love in the morning or afternoon on a Tuesday if I want? Why not eat fresh healthy gourmet style foods? Why not have a live in helper? Why not live like a life of luxury every single day? It is an option, and it definitely is my Plan A.

In general, why not live the best way possible, have the nicest conveniences, and really enjoy life? I see no reason not to and every single reason to do it. That feeling of being on holiday shouldn’t be reserved for 2 weeks at a time, why not infuse it every day?