Open to Money

It’s interesting to think about the relationship between money and my self. I grew up without having much around and had to rely on the government for basic living expenses via my parents. I didn’t really learn how to handle money or anything about money really other than that you need it to buy groceries and food and to put gas into the car. As I’ve grown in age, I’ve also grown with experiences with money. We have had an on again off again relationship, rocky at times, super high and incredible at others, and now it’s steadily a third party relationship. All of my needs are met, but I don’t earn any money specifically on my own. I have a job that is generally very undervalued in society because it doesn’t bring in money, but it absolutely essential to the growth of said society, as I have chosen to stay with my baby as his primary caretaker while my husband is the sole monetary provider. Right now in our lives, this works and we make it.

Lately though, I have been thinking about how I envision that I will have 50 million dollars by the time I am 45, within the next 9 years. I think that’s a big amount, but on the other hand, it’s not that big at all in comparison to a lot of wealth out there. For me, from this moment right now, it feels like a lot. I think about how money buys opportunity, and how when I have a lot of money I will be generous and put my money where my mouth is and make a positive contribution with it. I actually don’t envision my life itself being all that different, strangely. I imagine that we’ll live in a nicer house in a nicer neighbourhood, or in the country side. I imagine that we’ll probably have a regular housekeeper like we have had in the past in moments. I imagine that we’ll probably eat well, as in healthy fresh foods, regularly. I imagine that I’ll take classes and expand my education, that we will travel, and life will be similar but a little different than it is right now. The thing is that I am still the same person, with a lot of money, or not. I am still me, my values will not change. I will still strive to develop myself as I do. I will still create art, I will keep writing, I will continue living my life in a full expression like I am now. Sure there will be some changes, but fundamentally I will be the same.

I welcome it into my life now. I wouldn’t have known how to handle it earlier in my life, and now I am ready. I am totally open to living the experience of having more opportunities, and being a donor of money to many causes, and philanthropies. I look forward to seeing the world and soaking up culture via more travel. I look forward to living my full expression including with the luxury style experiences I’ve had in bits and moments, as my regular life. I am ready. I am ready to do this with my husband and our child, from today on. I am ready and that feels incredible.