Physical Contact and Mother’s Love

So many people talk about their child as being their true love. I have been wondering lately if that is because the amount of nurturing you do for the baby, the amount of one on one time that you spend with bub. Curious if it’s all the oxytocin that has is released with regular cuddles that happen naturally when having a little person.

I can feel that elation even if my bub, who is now a toddler, and way more independent than he has been ever, is just waking up and wants to sit on my lap before he gets into his groove of full speed. I can feel that warmth, it softens me, it brings me back to a space of love, but just being his chair!

When I pick bub up from his crib sometimes, especially in the morning, he may give me a look of pure curiosity, of love, the kind that a lover gives to another in the first moment when they realise how much they love them, and how delightful and new, and special that feels. I love when I get that look, it lights me up. It doesn’t happen very often, but I cherish it when it does.

Then there are the moments of learning and growing that happen with every tumble, with every new movement, that bring us even closer. I am curious if the combination of the cuddles, the special looks, the learning and growing together, is that special mixture to create that true love feeling.

It is absolutely beautiful.