Politics – Is Palin just a diversion?

I don’t want to be the one who thinks that everything is a huge conspiracy, but I have to wonder. Why is it that in the last few months of Bush’s Presidency he is pushing all kinds of things through while the media is totally focused on Sarah Palin. Is it part of McCain’s and Bush’s plan to divert the attention so that Bush can do just a little bit more to mess up our nations economy and relations?

Is it because Bush knows that McCain is his buddy and will do what he asks because McCain and the Bush family have been close for years? Is it a big master plan that the general public is totally unaware of? I am so confused and appalled that McCain has picked Palin as his running mate anyway, so is it too far off base to question the bigger motives of the Republican Party who are in fear of a sure loss of power?

Are the Republicans setting up the nation in such a way that the Democrats have to try to come in and save the day against the odds like Clinton had to? Until something happens under the Democratic reign that then leads the general public to think that going Republican again is the answer… Each party has to deal with the effects from the last. It is like any job really, but on a bigger scale, obviously. Think of how many times you have stepped into a new position where you have had to deal with all of the stuff that the last person didn’t do right or did in a different way than you would have? It takes time to reverse and reform anything.

If the McCain and Palin come into power it will be more of the same for sure and they will have to deal with the poor decisions that the Bush Administration made. If Obama and Biden come into power they will have such a huge project to undertake, that will overwhelm them to no end. They will be criticized eventually for not bringing the change that was promised because of the odds that they have had to play against. It will paint them in such bad light, until later when the bigger picture becomes clear…

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